"International" registration?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DMBabe, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. DMBabe

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    I'm hoping some of you clever people on here will know the answer to this one......
    After having been registered in Scotland forever and a day, I have defected to "South of the Border" and need to know if I'm registering for another band do I transfer or will I be a brand new signing in Englandshire? I am aware that my Scottish card is blue and all the English ones I've seen while depping have been yellow so I'm guessing I'll be new....... but want to check anyway.

    Cheers in advance peeps! :D
  2. bassmittens

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    i had to get a new card when i emigrated from Scotland to England - but that was about 11 years ago, not sure if it's still the same.
  3. JTKBrass

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    Yes you'll need a nice new yellow one.
  4. Bass Trumpet

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    Don't forget to include your passport number and alter your watch to GMT. You will also need to complete a citizenship test.
  5. Red Elvis

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    Bloomin' foreigners , coming down here and taking our yellow cards. I'm writing a strongly-worded letter to the Daily MAil in green ink !! :)
  6. Bass Trumpet

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    Oh, and don't forget to check out roaming charges on your JockTel mobile.
  7. johnmartin

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    If Dalkeith have not cancelled your registration then you should ask the nice peeps at Dalkeith to drop your card and then sign on as a new registration. If you have already been dropped by Dalkeith then it is simply a new registration.

    You can check your Scottish registration status by getting in touch with Tom Allan at the Scottish Registry and he will advise.
  8. Flugelmahorn

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    I signed with a new band in England for the national finals in September 2001 before then moving up to Edinburgh and signing with Newtongrange in November 2001 and it was a simple enough transfer - I think my English registration card was sent up to the band secretary and vice versa when leaving Scotland in 2005. Just the same as transferring a registration from one band to another from what I can remember. I'm still very proud to have kept my blue registration card from my 4 great years of Scottish banding (even though I now have a yellow English card again)
  9. Accidental

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    Under BBBR rules (which govern the 'British', Scottish and Welsh registries) you can transfer rather than having to do a cancellation and new registration, but as you're transferring between registries they would issue a new yellow card anyway.
  10. bbg

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    Hope all goes well with your transfer Di.........all of us still fortunate enough to live in our own beautiful country wish you every success in your missionary work. Try not to get too upset this Saturday when thinking about the overpriced Dunfermline bacon roll that you're missing - I'm missing it myself this year as we've not entered for the Fife Fest due to other engagements over the weekend.
  11. DMBabe

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    Duncs, I don't have a passport and didn't you get the email stating that part of my retainer includes someone to do my test for me and a nice Rolex which automatically changes to whichever time zone I'm in..... and by the way we're in BST just now! :p

    Oooooh you think they'll do green ink on my yellow card?

    I'm on Orange so I just have to worry about not getting a signal as per...... :cool:

    awwwww mind you I never bought one of those (we got freebies at the church we rehearsed in every year courtesy of the spectacular blagging of our late adored treasurer Tommy). My old lot aint going either this year though.

    On a more serious note, big thanks to everyone for your advice/info! :D