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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the forum and gently returning to banding. I mainly play the French horn, but have always loved brass bands too. After a break in band playing of over 10 years (bands and jobs involving shift work don't seem to mix that well!) I have started playing with a community band. I bought an instrument off ebay for less than £100, and it plays like an instrument that cost less than £100!! Now I have returned to playing in a band and am enjoying it as much as I thought I would I would like to upgrade my instrument. As a French horn player I know next to nothing about tenor horn brands. Can anyone suggest a decent quality intermediate instrument? I've seen a few besson 700 series horns out there, are they any good?

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    Hi Bill, and welcome to tMP. The usual principle when buying a trombone (I assume it's the same with French horns?) is to buy a second hand professional model ahead of a new intermediate one, as you pay less money for a better instrument. Not sure how well this works with tenor horns - there aren't so many models out there, and the only ones that have been around long enough to be old professional quality second hand are Sovereigns - which tend to be prized when older. I'll leave it to someone who knows more about horns to comment...
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    Dave is absolutely right. I used to be a Tenor Horn player, and I believe the best oldie is the Original Round stamp Sovereign - Look out for one with short inner main slide legs - which in my opinion are far superior to the Round Stamp Sovereigns with longer inner main slide legs. Any dealer worth his salt will know which is which. There are some old Besson Internationals around which are the same as the Sov Short leg model. Another good one , not as robust , is the Yamaha 602 . Good Luck
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    Thanks for the advice. Yes it is the same for French horns, but there are some decent so called intermediate model from unfashionable makers and was wondering if it was the same for tenor horns. I used to have a Yamaha 602 when I used to play before but sold it about 8 years ago! I'll keep on looking.


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    I have sent you a PM also.
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    If I'm right then the Besson 700 is virtually the same as the old Imperial and one step down from the 900 Sovereign range. A fair intermediate instrument if you don't have the cash for a 900, so the horn section tell me. Iain
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    Thanks to everyone for their advice on here and in PMs. I've now found an instrument to suit me. A courtois 180R, amazing sound, good valves (so far) spot on intonation and an utter bargain!