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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bryan_sop, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I've just met up with a chap who got my number from a friend. He has an interesting old Cornet that he wanted someone to have a blow on to see if it played ok, so I obliged. It's in tune with itself with the smaller crooks but the slides don't move so the lower pitches are out of tune when you use the valves. It's got crooks for Bb (High pitch) Ab, G and a Low pitch Bb which looks to be possibly not from the same set, maybe added later. There's no maker's name but there is a serial number (6923) and a 'v' shaped marking on the leadpipe. There are a couple of major dents in the bell section but I would've thought they'd come out ok in the right hands.

    He was told that it's about 150 years old but I'm no historian so he's left it with me to see if I can find out any more info on it on here. Any one have any clues as to the make or anything else about it?

    Thanks in advance!

    ABCD0015.JPG ABCD0010.jpg ABCD0012.JPG ABCD0013.jpg ABCD0014.jpg
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    Looks like a cornopean to me... Valuable stuff - take care of it! Not many of these around, and they are so old now that the metal is likely rather fragile - hammering out those bell dents might be abuse that it wouldn't be able to take...

    Edit: I'm not sure exactly what the definition of a cornopean is, to be honest... But those funny valves with the airflow through the bottom are very characteristic of the name.

    Edit edit:
    "An obsolete name for the cornet-à-piston.
    Maybe it just means "A cornet with an obsolete valve design"...
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    Stölzel valve
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    I always wondered where the looped shapes on lower tubing which dominate pre-piston instruments came from. Now I know it was more than just aesthetics. Cheers Dave!
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    Thanks for all of the input, I've posted on some other forums and all have been useful!

    Thanks again!
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    Any chance of links to those threads on other forums, Bryan? I'm interested to know what else was turned up...
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    Ta! Don't see why anyone would object to you posting those... I've posted various links to trombone forum topics before.
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    Am I being really dim or has something been deleted? Thanks Di for the link to Arnold but who's Tom?
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    Nothing deleted. I think Di was referring to Brassneck.

    BTW interesting topic - how does this cornet play? What is the resistance like through the valves?
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    Now I really am confused. I'll leave it!

    It's a very small bore instrument. My VB mouthpiece just about fits. With a bit of TLC, some corks/pads it could be quite a nice instrument. I'd like to record some of the stuff that was written for it at the time. It's about the time of Carnival de venice I think?

    Blows really well, just needs a bit of tlc with the valves, they clunk like there's nothing between the metal!
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    I really would show it to someone like Arnold Myers... You wouldn't want to damage a piece of history by treating it as if it was a new instrument - he'll know what's safe and what isn't.
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