Interesting innovation at the English Champs

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by James Yelland, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. James Yelland

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    I see that Mr Sparke will be appearing on the big screen in between bands at the forthcoming English Championships, offering 'bite-size' gems of wisdom about the music. How long before someone complains that the later-drawn bands were able to make good use of what he has to say to enhance their performance, I wonder?!!
  2. Matt-Trom939

    Matt-Trom939 Member

    Well how long are bands gunna have to change there performance really? Although it does seem slightly unfair. Perhaps bands should be banned from entering the auditorium until after theyve played-although most of them will probably be in the bar then.
  3. persins

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    If the bands haven't got confidence in their performance and their interpretation by the day of the contest, then they really have a much bigger problem than could be solved by a couple of insights from Mr. Sparke!!
    I'm not saying that they won't be useful but the contest day is not the time for making radical changes in the style of the performance.
  4. Matt-Trom939

    Matt-Trom939 Member

    I agree. This might only stress bands out therefore jepordising there performance.
  5. iggmeister

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    I presume they will be pre-recorded pieces of information. Not that Mr S would ever do so, but I could see comedy comments such as "Listening to that last perfomrance has reminded me about blah blah blah...".

    I dont think that pre-recorded sections would really affect the bands although it might affect the adjudicators. However, if all of the snippets are played to them beforehand then it will be no surprise to them.

    I can see an argument along the lines of "Oh, the adjudicators must have changed their minds over their preferred interpretation after Mr S said X, Y and Z".

    Can't say that it would bother me as a player and I would probably appreciate it if I was in the audience.

    However, the interludes between bands at Brass in Concert last year were tedious after the first few. Also it must have been quite disconcerting to hear James Morrison screaming about and being generally fantastic prior to walking on for your performance!!

  6. brassneck

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    Let's hope the adjudicators have seen the whole show before the contest kicks off! ;)