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    Can anyone recomend an Insurance company. I now have my own instrument and would like to get it insured.

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    I've used both of the above companies in the past, and although I've never had to make a claim they were both professional and easy to deal with. One thing I would say is - like a lot of things these days - you might not get the best deal if you are an existing customer. My premium came down by about 30% when I switched from Allianz to Endsleigh last year.
  4. Split Splat

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    Do these companies offer multi instrument cover for the private individual?
    I own 3 horns that I am considering covering!
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  6. WoodenFlugel

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    Yep both Allianz and Endsleigh have multiple instrument policies. I've covered my flugel, my cornet and the missus' clarinet (say it quietly). You just have to fill in the details of each one individually. I think there is an upper limit for the value of both the individual instruments and the total value, after which you will have to ring them rather than be able to do it all online.
  7. We've used Allianz from both sides of the counter. Where they really excel is when you have to make a claim - compared with other insurers we deal with, specialist - or house hold - their service is definitely the best.
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    I Use Orchestral Guard. They also cover mechanical defect and Breakdown which can be useful if valves become problems.

    I have had to claim on the policy in the past and can confirm that they paid up without any quible at all (which is when you really need them after all).
  9. Split Splat

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    Do any of the companies state that the instrument must be stored in their orgional hard cases to be covered against damage?
    just thinking along the lines of damage whilst in soft Gig type cases and if this would potentially be a way of not paying a claim for the companies!
  10. P_S_Price

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    Mine was dropped, accidentaly whilst putting it back in its case.

    Orchestral Guard paid out no Quibble.
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    Yes, but I don't think it an unreasonable stipulation
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    lots of people use soft case/gig type bags these days that prob compromise their insurance!
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