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  1. Ann-Marie

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    Every chance that this may already be on here somewhere but I am after some advice.

    I have recently started playing again and could do with getting my cornet insured what with the Areas coming up. Can't find my old documents anywhere so would appreciate the details of any companies you may know of.

    Cheers! :wink:
  2. carlwoodman

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    I use Brass Band Insurance Services in Hayes, Middlesex.
    Paperwork is at home but will post details later if required.
  3. Ann-Marie

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    Thanks, that would be much appreciated.
  4. carlwoodman

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    Address: 312 High Street
    UB3 5BT
    Tel: (+44)(0)20 8759 0825
    Fax: (+44)(0)20 8564 9063
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    Thank you
  6. bruceg

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    Just a thought, but if you have home contents insurance then check whether it qualifies as a high value item on your existing policy.
  7. Ann-Marie

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    Home Contents cover - They have said its ok whilst it is in the house but it would not be covered in the car or anywhere away from home. Not really sure how they work that one out though as on reading the policy document I am insured for up to £1500 on camera/camcorder equipment here or abroad :?

    The strange world of insurance............ :roll:
  8. bruceg

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    The electronic / photographic equipment is usually covered under a blanket clause. Did you check whether they'd cover it as a separate item in the way they treat individual items of jewellery? If they'll do it then it'd probably work out cheaper than a whole separate insurance policy.

    Of course, the specialist cover mentioned in the earlier posts might be worth the money for the peace of mind it would afford you...
  9. Accidental

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    Most home insurance policies also offer additional cover for "personal belongings" away from home, usually limited to £1000 or £1500 per item so no good for bigger instruments, but we have a cornet and horn covered under this extension. Its worth checking if this offers the cover you need, as its considerably cheaper than specialist BB insurance.
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    Some band insurance policies don't cover instruments left in cars over night so do read the small print.
  12. Jo Elson

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    This is slightly off topic but it's about insurance and musicians. My boyfriend plays his trombone on a cruise ship and when he came home he tried to get insured on a friends car which was fine until they asked his occupation and then they said 'oh sorry we don't insure musicians!'- i don't get it, it wasn't like he was gonna be carrying his instrument in the car anyway.
  13. Cantonian

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    at 2.47pm

    At 3.15 pm information posted. It must be a tough life Carl....any vacancies?
  14. tim

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    Its because of the hours they work.

    My sister had the same problem as a theatre electrician bcause she worked reli late hours and technicians often have crashes because of tiredness and so are a nightmare for insurance companies to insure as it costs them money.
  15. MRSH

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    Bit surprised, as my household contents insurance covers my cornet..all i had to do was list it as a valuable item. There is no problem covering in the car, at concert etc. and as I have accidental cover for household contents is covered for damage as well as loos or theft.
  17. flugelgal

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    I really couldn't resist this - I apologise in advance - but why is it covered for loos?

  18. backrowbloke

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    Argh!!!!!! sticky fingers :? Well, if i did flush it away, at least i would know it was covered. :oops: I must have been thinking about my post to BMB dating about practising in the bathroom..

    Was gonna edit the original post, but its too funny....Thanx Kirsty
  19. T-Horn

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    My T-Horn is covered on my parents home insurance even though I study in Manchester
  20. youngman

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    We use competitive brass band cover at Nottingham through Egger Lawson. Brian Griffiths or Tony Thomas. Very good service at reasonable rates.