Insurance Claims - When would you claim?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Simes, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    Just out of interest!

    If you had a new instrument - particularly lower brass - and it picked up the odd little dent in band rooms, gigs etc., as they tend to do despite being careful to the point of paranoia, would you claim on the insurance you had taken out to cover accidental damage?

    When would you claim? First mark - when there are a few - at the end of a year of ownership? When does wear and tear become accidental damage and vise-versa?

    I've got a couple of small dents in my bass now - from being knocked against a chair in the band room - is this wear and tear or accidental damage?
  2. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    Depends upon how significant the Dent is I have a very small dent in my current instrument, but havent claimed. However I put a faily big dent in the U bend of an earlier instrument and that I claimed for.
  3. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    I would have thought the cost of repairing small dents - if you thought it was important enough - would have been less than the excess on most policies ... ?
  4. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    Excess is £25 - not that much compared to unsoldering the pipes on a BBb bass...
  5. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Are you sure? £25 sounds about right for that kind of job to me... It doesn't take a skilled repairer with a blowtorch very long. If you want them relacquering again afterwards, well, yes, that adds up.
  6. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    even if your excess is only £25, chances are your premium will go up by more than that the following year because you have a claim history.
    You'd also have a difficult time getting the insurance to pay out for more than one dent if some of them look older than others, because technically they're multiple accident damages or wear and tear, not one incident.... and insurance co's are very good at finding ways not to pay out!
    Personally I'd save the insurance claim for a bigger repair (£150+) or replacement.
  7. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    That was my thoughts on it to be honest - if it gets backed over by a bus, then it's time for a claim! However, even if I get the little marks cleaned up in the meantime, I'd like it to look like new afterwards - it's a silver plated instrument and I like it shiny and unmarked!

    My thoughts were to leave it all for a couple of years or so - then get a full service and dent clean up at the same time - at my expense, not at all our expense (insurance claim).

    Now then - where is the best place to go who would do a good job and make it look like new? I've had a couple of repairs done in the past (on old instruments) and they always showed.
  8. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    My (very limited) knowledge of brass instrument repair techniques leads me to believe that small dents are repaired by pushing out from the inside of the tube using special inserts; no soldering required that I'm aware of?
  9. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    In your area, tbh I have no idea! Down here the obvious choice is Rosehill, and we always used to use Sharon McCallum (who's fab, but now moved from Kent to Wales which isn't quite so convenient!). McQueens refurbed our old BBbs a few years ago and seemed to do a pretty good job.
  10. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    I'm sure plenty of people will recommend Mark at Mr Tuba to you - based near Newport, South Wales and you wont see the repairs
  11. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    I think that while this is true for some dents, you reach a point fairly soon where you can't get round all the bends! The other option is the ball bearing and magnet system - but in my (limited) experience of this system it gets the dents out at the dramatic expense of the finish.
  12. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    Many thanks Alex.
  13. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    I've seen lots of good things about Mr Tuba - never spoken to him or seen any of his work - but might be worth a trip down to darkest wild Wales!
  14. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

  15. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    Nice professional looking site - and an idea of prices too - excellent. Thanks MD.
  16. JDH

    JDH Member

    Small dents can be got out with magnet tools pulling on a ball put inside the instrument. That can be done very quickly and at low cost not worth an insurance claim.

    I had one done on a new tuba last year. My local repair man had the dent out in the time it took me to get my cheque book from the car parked outside the door. I could hardly believe when I got back it was already done!

    I would only claim for major damage beyond the usual knock

    I too would recommend Mark Carter at to do repairs - has done good job on my instruments in the past, completely refurbishing a Besson 981 I used to own
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  19. pbirch

    pbirch Active Member

    Coming back to the original question, think what you are insuring against? you are not insuring against wear and tear, or for that matter your own carelessness (my policy, for example does not pay out for damage sustained if my tuba is not being transported in its hard case - no gig bags for me then).
    It is the same for motor and household insurance then, seroius accidental damage that makes the instrument unplayable and theft form anywhere other than your car boot (unless you have paid extra for that risk).
    Of course, we know that people make fraudulent insurance claims for their cars and houses, I would be surprised if musical instrument insurance was any different
  20. Simes

    Simes Supporting Member

    I wasn't trying to defraud the insurance company - quite the opposite - but I took out the policy to cover accidental damage - now, whether I bang the instrument against a chair as I put it down or whether someone else bangs a chair into the instrument, is that not accidental damage in both cases? I certainly wouldn't dent my brand new tuba on purpose!

    I was more interested in how people generally would treat this situation - I haven't (yet) got any dents bad enough to repair - just a couple of teeny dinks - but wondered if I should claim and get it put back to new condition - knowing it will pick up more as soon as I do :( or just leave it a couple of years then get a full service and dent removal myself - which is my plan - unless it gets something major in the meantime - and that would cover me falling over with it while marching (for example) or someone else kicking it over.

    I wasn't planning on fibbing to the insurers either - and I'm a teensy bit offended that you are implying I might - although I might be reading something in your post that is not there - in which case I apologise unreservedly for feeling miffed!

    I did pay the extra for insurance in the car as it happens - as I often have to leave it in the car while I am at work as there isn't time to go home and pick it up between work and band!

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