Instument Swap/Part Exchange - Tenor Horn for Flugel

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ascalon, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. ascalon

    ascalon New Member

    I've stopped playing in brass bands but have recently starting doing some stuff with other groups. I've decided to let go of my B&H Sovereign tenor horn as sadly it is no longer being used. It's a early 1980s roundstamp model, fantastic instrument and still very highly sought after.

    However, I'm looking to get a flugel to use in my other musical pursuits. Therefore I'm wondering if anyone would be instrested in a swap/part exchange deal? Ideally it'd suit someone who has made the move the other way (from flugel to t-horn) or a band looking to consolidate/change stock.

    I'm looking for a Yamaha Maestro flugel or Bach Strad flugel and would happily make an exchange for my horn if there is interest.

    Send me a message if so and I'll get back to you with further details. Thank you for looking.
  2. ascalon

    ascalon New Member

    Alternatively I may be willing to let my B&H roundstamp horn go separately and then subsequently look for a flugel (although I'd rather kill two birds with one stone if possible!)

    It's a fantastic instrument, in lovely condition, and would be a very reluctant sale. Sadly I'm just not using it any longer.

    Would have to be collection only from Newcastle. I'm open to sensible offers. As above, send me a message for further details.
  3. mdunk

    mdunk New Member

    I have a really nice Geneva Flugel, would that be of interest, plays really nice. Was my daughters but she has stopped playing. I live in County Durham so you could view no problem
  4. ascalon

    ascalon New Member

    Hi and thanks for your message. I'm really sorry but unfortunately I'm not considering a Geneva - I've had some poor experiences with their instruments in the past, so that wouldn't be the one for me. Thanks for the offer though!
  5. ascalon

    ascalon New Member

    PS - Happy to field any separate interest in the B&H roundtamp sovereign tenor horn. Just send me a message if you'd like an further details.


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