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  1. Does anybody Know any website that sell instruments like besson an soverign baritones!?!?!? Thanks rick
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    Well done Naomi I thought I was good giving the sites, but you have done even better. :lol:
    You must have more time on your hands than me.

    Na of course it's because you get longer holidays than me......back to school a week on Monday. :cry:
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    :lol: cheers! Yes, I have loads of free time so don't mind hunting around for these kinda things... Holidays are too long.... I've had 2 1/2 months off or so already and don't start uni again til October :shock:

    So, if anyone has any jobs that need doing..... :!: :?: :lol:


    oh (to keep on topic ;-)) starland are another place to look at for instruments... They are based in Plymouth but deliver all over the place... ... you can ask for a catalogue via the site ;-)
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    Now you say having just finished my 7th hymn tune arrangement for a gig with the band. :wink:
    I only get 6 weeks holidays...............well for summer anyway. :lol:

    Yeh and also on topic..hope your baritone comes quicker than my horn's going to be.
    Been told could be October....but that's the latest it should be they say.
  7. Thank you all !!!! We are a new band you see an we are just applyin for lottery fund so just wanted to get a new instrument of my own till we get the band a full set! thanks again rick !!!
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