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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by groovy, May 4, 2004.

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    Hi everyone,

    Myself and my brother are in a bit of a pickle. We're shortly going to be buying new instruments - him a flugel, me a euph. Jack has been playing an old Vincent Bach, and has tried a Yamaha (I think a Maestro) and a "Bobby Shew". At the moment he likes the Bobby Shew the best, but our teacher/conductor has told him it is strictly for dance band, and he won't allow him to use it in the brass band if he buys it. So Jack is unhappy. Is this true? If it is really unsuitable then he may go for the Vincent Bach, but it was our teacher that mentioned the Bobby to begin with. Does anyone else use it in brass band? Is this acceptable? :? :? :?

    As for me, I have only played on 3 valved non compensating student euphs so far. I would like a decent instrument that will last so probably a Maestro or a Sovreign. There are no Sovreigns available at any of our suppliers, but there will probably be a Maestro. I have never played either, but I will try before I buy. Any tips - is the Maestro worth going for or should I wait for the Sovreign?

    Please help - I know I can count on you! :D
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    Hi Groovy.

    I'm sure Bobby Shew flugels are used in brass bands. Your brother should have a go on one. I bought a Maynard Ferguson Holton trumpet last year on ebay and I use it for everything, it suits solos, jazz, orchestral, ensemble even though people tell me it is only intended for jazzy stuff. Don't be put off by other people, no matter how helpful they think they're being. You need to make a personal judgement as far as instruments go. The Bobby Shew flugel won't suddenly seize up if you start playing test pieces or hymn tunes on it. :lol:

    As far as the euphs go, sovereigns and yahama maestros have their positives and negatives. Have a look on ebay, you can find some great bargains. I would also like to recommend the Courtois euph which is also great instrument. I would urge you to try before you buy.
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    You could do worse that checking out tMp's For Sale board! There at least 1 Euph (a Prestige) for sale there...

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    Couldn't agree more with the last sentance. :D I'm not sure where your conductor is coming from really, but I would say to try as many different instrument makes as you can get your hands on - they all have their good and bad points, and at the end of the day surely it's the player's preference in this situation?? If at all possible try them in all of the bands you play in (ie brass band, big band or whatever) as well as in isolation and get an assement for someone independent who you trust as to which sounds best in each instance. You don't say who is paying for these instruments? If it's your own money then your conductor can't really say too much about which instrument you buy.

    I think I have seen someone down here playing a Bobby Shew flugel in the 1st section at this years area - couldn't be sure though but I wouldn't be surprised.
  5. Well the MD certainly does have a say in what his players blow.

    It is well known that different brands of instruments play with differing tones.

    I would buy the instrument that I liked the most............but wouldn't be upset if an MD said "sorry, cant have one of those on my front row".......just accept the loaned instrument....

    I am no expert at all, but do know that certain US made instruments (although amazing quality), just do not fit in with our brass bands.
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    i think it depends on the band. In a band where it's little, lower grade, adn the primary element is fun, I say if he spends $3000 on a new fluggy, let him play thething. If we're talking A grade, THEN I might have something to say, within reason.

    Something I discoveredon the weekend -> Bach mouthpieces in Sovereign cornets is a bad combination.....apparently they make the sound go metallic.
  7. groovy

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    Just to let you know:
    Jack and I have instruments on loan, to see if we want to buy. Jack has the new Selmer Paris flugel which he's not very sure about yet but needs to speak to our teacher first (who is now supporting us completely! :D)

    I have a Maestro which I fallen in love with already so probably will be buying it shortly!
  8. Dave Euph

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    Heh, I was gonna say you'd probably like the maestro! I wanted one last summer when trying out different instruments but there were none for sale so I plumped for a sovereign. Certainly done me a sterling service but every now and again I still hanker after that yamaha!