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    I have a Besson 967 Sovereign Euphonium which has some markings and engravings on it which I cannot fathom. I would be interested to hear if anyone knows what they are. The instrument dates from 1990 and the serial number is 786***. The markins are 'M' or "H" stamped into the ring that joins the bottom bow to the bell flare; "MM" or "HH" stamped vertically on the opposite side, joining the bottom bow to the main branch. There are also various numbers scratched on the slides:

    Tuning slide - looks like 706
    1st slide - 105 or 108
    4th slide - 700

    I have *******ised the instrument a fair bit (Imperial buttons and Regent valve caps) but the parts with the numbers and engravings are original as far as I can tell.
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    My EEb Sovereign tuba has the last three digits of the serial number hand engraved on all the tuning slides.
    Obviously from the time when they were made to fit properly! :)
    It has letters stamped on the joining rings on the bottom bow too but I have seen different letters on many Besson instruments so no idea what that's for.
  3. simonium

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    I was hoping if it was "M" it didn't stand for the traditional Besson virtue of mediocrity! :)

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