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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by KenIrvin, Jan 26, 2019.

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    I’m inclined to think that the noise of clearing water is down to blowing it out, some air comes out of the valve but the bulk comes out of the bell and not necessarily silently. Mute in Bell and towel over water key needed? I think Peter’s comment is sound though I’m uncertain whether smaller instruments have smaller waterkeys that don’t drain as readily.
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    Personally Ive always been happy with the traditional lever water keys - I've never used the other types though so I cant compare. Not sure about the JoyKey system - my Euph leaks enough out of the bottom of the valves if the grime guard isnt in, and the fact their own website has a comment that "maybe I'll get an apron" doesnt fill me with confidence that it would work for me. I can see it may make a difference on an instrument like a French Horn, where water keys are at a minimum
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    Making sure the hole through the water key is actually open is a good start, not unusual to find them obstructed, also important that the hole is at the lowest point of the tube when opened. Obviously the water collects at the lowest point, 3rd valve slide on a cornet is a favourite spot so make sure your cornet has a 3rd valve water key.
    Where you don't blow out water is A) during a quiet passage, B) during someone's cadenza. C) when the conductor is speaking to the audience. If C) is unavoidable pull the slide out rapidly to produce a loud "Pop" to get a good laugh (and a relegation to the training band for the next gig)
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    But it is mandatory when the conductor is trying to tell a joke, which you've heard umpteen times and it wasn't funny the first time! :):):)
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    One of the things I like about Amado valves is that when you release the water, it ends up on the floor, not on your clothes, and you have to be a bit careless for it to end up on your shoes. As has already been said, there is no reservoir, so you have to use the valve a bit more often, and the part about not disrupting the standing wave at that point in the tubing can be a concern. For example, Dizzy Gillespie preferred having no water keys whatsoever on his trumpets for this reason. For Amado valves to continue to work properly, they need to be oiled as often as the Perinet valves, as water can flush the oil away with use. Proper dental hygiene before playing will reduce the possibility of particles getting in the valve and causing problems. Proper dental hygiene will also pretty much prevent pizza from growing in the leadpipe, as well, with obvious benefits (think reducing the possibility of red rot).

    I haven't tried Saturn water keys, but considering the price, I may give them a try; I just don't have a horn I'd be willing to use them on at the moment.
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