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    In the orchestral world, the musicians have a little banter with each other about the type of typical personalities in the different sections. For example, French Horn players always stick together in breaks (yes, they do have them in orchestral rehearsals !!!) and don't often talk to anyone else. Violinists - female violinists are 'snooty', prim, and always making sure that nothing in their appearance is out of place - male violinists are effeminate. Brass players, (trumpets, trombones and tuba), drink a lot and are womanisers. Woodwind players are traditional and have no S.O.H, their hair is always cut properly and they wear sensible shoes.


    Do we have similar ideas about their individual personalities? What is a typical Euph player like? What about the cornet section etc etc
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    You should all read Jilly Cooper's Appasionata - full to bursting with all the traditional orchestral stereotypes, with some great (if not slightly offensive) exaggeration as well.

    As for brass bands, I've found that trombonists (bass especially) are slightly creepy, lecherous types - no offence to anyone of course!

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    :rolleyes: Thanks a lot tinytimp, I'm a trombonist, and I am nothing like that - ask my wife :tongue:
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    Sorry!!!!!!! :-? Sure you are, just going on my own experiences!
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    I read that a few years ago. Seemed pretty accurate!
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    According to many, this is exactly the same in a brass band as it is in an orchestra :)
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    Well....Flugels are definitly the loveliest (even when they're playing cornet.....;))
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    Going back to the woodwind, don't forget that the oboes and bassoons spend all their time mending and discussing their reeds!
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    I think these go along the lines with the orginal question

    principal cornet has the second biggest ego in the band (only behind 2md who thinks HE/SHE should be playing all the solos)

    horns and baritones are timid - Q:How can you tell when a horn is at your door? A: You can't, they don't know when to come in.

    Trombones are out of control

    Basses are able to drink their weight in beer, which is usually alot.

    Percussionist aren't very clever which is why they onnly have two sticks to worry about....
    Conductors are even less clever which is why they took one of the two sticks away.
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    Ahem.... thanks very much Pat..... just fallen out with you!! :mad:

    In our band, the horn section are the smutty bunch!! ;) As for the other sections, couldn't possibly pass judgement!
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    I suppose...thats where you getthe name HORNIkaz from?
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    That would be telling!! ;)
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    how evil?!?!?! i am highly intelligent!!! i know that 2 + 2= 4 (not 5 like someone once told me)

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    I didn't say I belived it...that's just what I heard :rolleyes:
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    I think (Male) cornet players are similar to trumpet players....they like to greet each other by saying how much better then the other they are.........of course us gals are not like that..... :wink:
  18. HorniKaz

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    Basses tend to be like a group of old women... moaning about anything & everything!!!! Their music is NEVER in any kind of order!! Disorganised bunch! ;)
  19. cornetshell

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    im with a bass player at the moment- and his house is the same....though there is a stronger 'feminine' feel to the house ......
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    From my experience it's a close call between percussion and basses as to who lose the most music.

    Basses do usually drink a lot, but they're usally quite delicate little flowers in their mannerisms and cuddly in character, They also may buy pints if you're nice to them.

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