Instrument Repairs (Shropshire)

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    I'm posting on behalf of my Dad, Robert Young who has been surgically attached to his trombone for many years and who has been repairing brass intrument for nearly as many. If anyone is considering selling their intrument but it has damage my dad offers a professional, competetively priced repair service. He would also gladly list the instrument on eBay directly after repaired if required (for an additional fee) or just email the pictures to you to use on eBay to save on your overall postage costs, then send directly to the buyer. The repair business is Artisan Technic ( and is based in Shropshire though he can arrange a competetively priced courier service for other areas.

    He also buys brass instruments so if anyone has any damaged ones and would rather not bother with the hassle of eBay please email details with pictures of the instrument to My Dad, when he manages to put his trombone down always responds to all queries and being a brass addict always has the best interests of his fellow players at heart. Thanks for your time