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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by hicks, Dec 30, 2010.

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    The valve on my trombone is sticking and requires servicing. I've inquired at Dawkes in Maidenhead, and Packers in Taunton, who do brass repairs, but neither will let me watch what they do. I'd like to see how the valve is disassembled.
    Can anyone recommend an independant repair specialist in the South West who could do the job?

  2. hicks

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    I also received this reply from Dawkes. Any comments on this? All I want is the valve cleaning and unsticking, but sounds like it's a major job from what he's saying -

    We have to chemically wash the casing so lapping compound gets washed round so body then needs washing and re assembly of slides etc
    If I dont wash it out after doing repairs for over 25 years as you start to blow the bone any dirt left will blow round and rotor can stick or go really gritty!!
    I would not advise you do any work on the rotor only because I use a motor with a brass brush to remove the corrosion from the rotor which you need to do to get rotor running like new.
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  4. hicks

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    Thanks, I've located someone locally who will let me look over his shoulder while he works
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    My repairer takes a certain pride ( Maybe Thats the wrong word ) he likes to see the reaction of his customers as their instrument is disassembled or in some cases cut with a band saw. I needed that done on a sousaphone lead pipe because my sousa was Eb and the lead pipe was from a BBb and therfore to long. But he said what do you want me to do and I said cut it it's to long as it is just go for it. Still not a good feeling hearing the blade cutting through my lead pipe. That may be why most repaires don't like people to watch what they do.
    That said I would not trust any one else to work on any of my instruments.
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    Just to conclude this thread, which for some reason has ended up in the classified section ??
    The problem is now sorted.

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