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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by westoe_horn, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. westoe_horn

    westoe_horn Member

    Basically my round stamp tenor horn is very slowly starting to fall to bits!!
    There are a number of joints that have come away, hence some gaffa tape around the bell!! Also the silver plating is starting to peel off (although I’m not overly concerned with this).

    It is still a great instrument and I would like to get a full refurbishment. Just wondered whether anyone else has had something similar done?
    A number of people have mentioned McQueen’s from Manchester………
    Anybody with any experience of them or any other firms…..?
  2. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    I got my 20yo 928 cornet refurbed at McQueens and they did an excellent job. Came back like a new cornet. I'd resigned myself to buying a new instrument, tried loads, didn't like any as much as the faithful old 928. Now it's as good as new, so hopefully I'll get another 20 years out of it :D

    Definitely worth doing for me, but in your case I'd let them have a look at it first; it may depend on how many joints have gone and how badly as to whether it's worth doing? Also I think replating is harder/dearer than relacquering, which is what they did with mine.
  3. Pete Watson

    Pete Watson Member

    Hi there,
    I played a round stamp sov horn 4 many a moon(durin the war an all that).
    I managed to find a second hand one for sale that had recently been through McQueens and it plays, well words cannot describe. (couldnt believe mi look when i found it!)
    You deffo must get it overhauled, it would be a crime not to.
    I have never dealt with them, but the work they have done is 1st class

    Hope this helps.
  4. Despot

    Despot Member

    Yep, McQueens again. Had 5 cornets done there now. 3 were round badges that started coming away at the joints.

    Will come back looking like a new instrument. Literally. Well worthwhile if you or your band has good quality, but worn out, instruments!
  5. westoe_horn

    westoe_horn Member

    I’m in a similar position to Andy, it’s an early sovereign (bought it from a fellow tmp member I can add – thanks Steve!) and to be honest it’s the best instrument I’ve ever played on. I’ve tried a couple of new ones but they don’t compare.

    I’ve been playing on it until the last couple of weeks but finally conceded I need to get something done. The leadpipe has come away and the next two joints to the main body of the instrument. But I think this is just disintegrating solder and by no means irretrievable!! I will contact them though.

    Thanks everyone
  6. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    But Dave, I thought the gaffer tape looked really classy, it set off that new Alliance mouthpiece of yours really well....
  7. westoe_horn

    westoe_horn Member

    i know im trying to set a trend........ i've been looking for some multi coloured gaffer tape just to complete the look.....!
  8. alanbry

    alanbry Member

    Try FH Lambert in Watford.

    They recently refurbished my bands 3 round stamp horns with the prestige trim and they were as good as new.

    Ask for Daniel and mention my name and Watford Band and you mat get a good deal.
  9. How strange. I was just about to start a thread on the same subject. Ive just been given by a friend a 928GS sov cornet. However it is in need of some repair. It is missing both triggers, and the lead pipe has come away. also there are a few small dints and a crease at the top of the bell. However on the positive side. The valves are superb, the sound is lush and it was totally free. Just wondered if anyone can suggest the name of someone who can be trusted to restore the life back into this little gem:)
  10. BrotherBone

    BrotherBone Member

    I know of alot of people and bands who use 'Brass Toff' run by Paul Andrews. The instruments I've seen refurbished come back like new! Quick service and very reasonably priced - highly recommended!

    (Think the website is in the process of being remade but drop me an email at if you need a number for him to get a quote)

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