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    Hi folks, I'm heeding a bit of help and advice.

    Thanks to The Mouthpiece, the band committee and players, the Edinburgh University Brass Band has been formed.

    We have a number of players, (about 30 odd on last count) and many have their own instrument, but we have a few players without instruments, with the added complication that a few of the 'cornet' section will be playing trumpets - not ideal, and not feasible for contesting. At the moment, the band will not be able to purchase many instruments at all, especially not the larger ones.

    Are there any bands out there who could help at all, by lending the band some instruments that are gathering dust in a cupboard. As far as I'm aware, none of these players are regestered with bands, so this band will be benificial to all by keeping students playing in a band, without having to travel out of Edinburgh - which puts many off, sadly often for life.

    Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated.

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    Hi folks, I'm still looking for some help with instruments if there are any bands there with spare instruments gathering dust.

    At the moment we have an Eb bass player, euphonium player, tenor horn player and a couple of cornetists who are looking for instruments.

    If anyone can help, or know someone that may be able to help, please contact me here, by PM or

    Many thanks.
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    Sorry to 'bump' this thread, I have a tubist, who hasn't played in a number of years wishing to join the band. I'm hoping that someone can help - we are looking to borrow a tuba, either flavour to get this fellow back into playing :)