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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by cornetchap, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. cornetchap

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    Watford Band need to update the valuations on their instruments and library for insurance purposes, but are not really sure how to go about this. Can anyone recommend any specialists who could value these items for us or advice us as to how to go about this task?


    Cheers, Greg.
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    Simplistically, the band need to list all the instruments by type, then visit a web site or store and see what it would cost to replace them "new", and this would be the valuation - no expert needed.

    Similarly, if you had to replace your library, visit a good web site selling music and see how much it would cost new, and this is the valuation.

    However, insurance companies exist to take as much from you in "premiums" as they think you can afford, and pay out as little as possible should you dare to make a claim. The difference is called "profit", and their shareholders love "profit"!

    Another approach to the instrument valuations could be their second hand value, i.e. what you would pay on a "like for like" basis (10year old Sovereign cornet replaced with 10 year old Sovereign etc); for this I would suggest looking on E Bay and noting the final price at auction as a guide.

    On the other hand you will not be storing all the instruments in one place (players tend to take them home to rehearse?), so may be their repair value is all you should be worried about.

    But surely the biggest insurance concern is the horrendous amount of Public Liability Insurance demanded by some local authorities before you can play on their land? Currently the asking figure seems to be £3Million, has anyone else had greater amounts demanded?

    Alan Lafferty
    Band Cecretary, St Gennys Silver Band
    Organiser, Bude Metric BRass
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    Thanks Alan.

    I suppose the instrument side of it is easier to deal with than the library side. Our concern is that many of the pieces are now out of print and irreplacable. Some of these will probably be chucked out but some of them will be of value to the band. I guess we just make it up from an average of say £30 per set.

    We already have public liability insurance to cover the band room so that's not an issue.

    Any body recommend any good insurance companies? I think we're currently with Sharples.

    Cheers, Greg.
  4. Alice

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    My cornet and trumpet are insured with BBIS.
  5. euphemism

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    BBIS (Brass Band Insurance Services) are specialists in the sector

    or 020 8759 0825

    I don't know if they are the cheapest - but seem to be well used in our sector
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    you'll probably find your insurer will want a complete printed list, (or at least you to keep one) of your libary. I think our insurance will pay out £5000 for the libary (i think) which will cover loads of stuff but not the reaally old stuff at the back!
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    Thanks for the responses, I'll pass on BBIS to our treasurer.

    I'm not even totally confident that our library is insured at all :(

    We're undertaking a project to strip it of cruft, some of which may yet get advertised for sale here.