Instrument Insurance - who's best?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by The_Fat_Ref, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. The_Fat_Ref

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    Hi all.

    Just bought myself a new Rath R4/F bone and want to get it insured.

    Can anyone suggest a reputable but cheap company? I would be much obliged.

    Many Thanks
  2. Soppy

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    I use what used to be Egger Lawson. It's not that any more; can't remember waht it is and I'm too tired to find the insurance certificate! But on this page (towards the bottom) there's several insurance companies that are presumably decent. There's a phone number for Egger Lawson too, and although it doesn't exist anymore, I'm sure that number worked somehow for me!
  3. btrommatt

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    Ive used 'British Reserve' before. they are a pretty cheap company to use and specialise in instrument insurance.

    could try and find the details for you and send it via pm if you want.
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    My try them myself mate. have you used them before?
  6. tubafran

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    Not an insurance company recommendation but it's worth while checking that you're covered for the instrument being left unattended in a car (in the boot of course). Just think how many times you might go to a practice or job and before or afterwards you leave the instrument in the car.
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    My euph is on my house insurance as a "specified all risks item" (Lloyds TSB - noone else will take our house on as it subsided in the last hot/dry summer [1995] and we're hoping the bit they didn't underpin doesn't move this year!)

    [Edited in] I seem to remember its around £18 additional premium for £1200 worth of cover.

  9. Soppy

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    Yep, now I'm awake, I use Brass Band Insurance Services too. Instruments have to be ina locked car and covered up I think. Interestingly, their insurance covers you in all EU countries, and in North African places like Tunisia, Eygpt and I think the Middle East possilby, but not the US!

    So, lets have a straw poll. Hands up if you've been to the US with your instument. OK, what about Tunisia?!! :)
  10. The_Fat_Ref

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    Thanks All for your help.

    Just so you know -:

    Music guard quoted £46.50 per annum
    Brass Band Insurance Services quoted £31.50 per annum.

    Any guess as to where I'm going.

  11. tubafran

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  12. Soppy

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    Tunisia? Far safer to tkae your instrument there than that dangerous place over the Atlantic!
  13. The_Fat_Ref

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    I was thinking Namibia. They have good food there!

    Oh wait. Maybe thats Nambia.

    Ohhhh, I can't remember!
  14. Incognito

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    I used to use brass band insurance services.
    The best imsurance is the policy issued through the MU which includes leaving your instrument in a place of public entertainment, like back stage at a concert or contest.
    Most policies would not cover you for this.

    Oddly, I have not had insurance for years now.
    The main reason nbeing that most of my equipment is custom built so getting the cash if it was nicked would be little consolation. It would take a year to have replacements made.
  15. brassneck

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