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    Hello Everyone
    Our alumni brass band in India needs new instruments. Any suggestions on some "pocket-friendly " offers or stores in europe or USA??

    Your inputs will be very useful and if all goes fine we may actually end up buying new instruments.

    even if you have information on any "used-instruments" store or anybody selling them individually, that would be great.

    thanks in advance
  2. It very much depends on what price range you are looking at and what standard of instruments. I've recently studied the instrument market for buying my own instrument so have a pretty good idea of what's kicking around. If you say what kinda thing you're looking for, i'll tell you where the best place in Europe will be to get them from.
  3. I would reccomend looking at for a starting point. These are instruments which I believe are made in China. I have seen the professional cornet which sells for a praction of the price of the Besson or Yamaha equivalents and sounds just as good. I also know that the Euphonium and other instruments of theirs are based on Yamaha models. What do you think of the Virtuosi instruments on that website?
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    Thanks Sam !

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