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  1. BrianT

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    I bought a copy of "The Inner Game of Music" for 50p at our band stall on Saturday. (Perhaps the previous owner didn't need it any more?) I've read the first few chapters - seems really interesting.

    Has anyone else seen this book, or are there other favoured books on mental preparation for performance?
  2. Straightmute

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    Inner Game is OK but some of the pseudo-scientific stuff doesn't really work for me. It draws on a lot of fairly standard sports psychology stuff. Green's more recent book Mastery of Music (Macmillan 2003) is much more insightful IMO.

  3. Mike Saville

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    I think Inner Game has some interesting things to say on performance situations. Especially around the fact that we tend to focus on and remember all the tiny mistakes we make but have a complete blank on the rest of the performance. (So if you have a performance you can't remember it must have gone pretty well!!).

    IMO it is definately worth a read - different people will take different things from it.

    BTW, I am intending to do a fuller review of this book in future. Watch this space :)
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    A book that has been recomended to me to read cause i find the performance phsycology stuff quite interesting is Notes from the Green room.
  5. BrianT

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    Notes from the Green Room

    Have you read it yet? Would you recommend it?
  6. BrianT

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    Inner Game Exercise

    I tried one of the Inner Game exercises with my trainer band on Saturday.

    The idea is to get the band to concentrate on what they're doing by providing a distraction that they deliberately have to ignore.

    I asked for volunteers to try to distract the rest of the band from their regular quaver pattern. The distracters played with remarkable enthusiasm! We reviewed afterwards, and realised it's not just volume that distracts. If you make someone laugh it's a good way to put them off their stride too. Also, the band concentrated on my beat with a fearsome determination not to be put off. I was very impressed.

    I'll see what else there is in the book I can use...