Injection from Mission Impossible

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    Hi All,

    At BIC 2007 Fodens played an arrangement of Injection from Mission Impossible two arranged by Espen Westbye. Does anyone know is this a published work that is available to buy? and if so where from?
    It's a great piece but I cannot find it anywhere, if anyone can offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. jockinafrock

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    Just to let you know that the piece was arranged specially for Fodens and, to the best of Fodens knowledge, it isn't yet published. Hubby, who's Fodens secretary, says your best bet is to contact Espen direct. Don't have a contact myself, but he is well known in Norway - maybe another tMPr has his details. Sure you can find details on the internet.
    Yes, it was a great piece, wasn't it. Wish there were more like it.
    Best of luck.:D
  3. The Wherryman

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    Espen Westbye's details can be found here
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    Fiona - Injection wasn't specially arranged for Fodens. Espen arranged for his own band in Norway, Stavanger I think, and we got hold of it because of Garry Cutt's connections there.

    James - if it isn't published and if you can get Espen's permission I am happy to let you copy Fodens set.


    Helen Williams
    Assistant assistant librarian Fodens Band.........oh, and flugel too!
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    Better have a word with your secretary then who seems to be giving out wrong info - what else isn't he telling me...? :wink:
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    just to clear this up. This piece was NOT arranged for fodens. Its was arranged for Stavanger Brassband.