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  1. nook1938

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    Does any other tmper check the ingredients of the products they buy, I know about the nut allergy one, but what are you actually eating?.

    Why I have started is because, I used to buy Mince and Gravy, boil a few spuds bung it in to a dish, make some extra gravy, cover it with cling film and bung it in the microwave at work, I happen to be off colour and just happen to check the ingredients of the new mince I bought and this is one of the ingredients : Chicken, yet it was missing from the other brand.

    The most recent is Hot Dogs, something Oak, but I cannot remember the full title, this is in Morrisons and the first Ingredient is : Mechanically Seperated Chicken, no other meat is mentioned, so we have chicken hot dogs and while I am typing this I have been told about another Hot Dog with mechanically seperated chicken and turkey.

    You will all know the meaning of Mechanically Seperated.:eek:

    I know some of you will say, whats up with chicken, personally I will not touch any thing with chicken in, certainly if it as been mechanically seperated, this is because of work experience.

    But I suppose it is everyone to their own taste.
  2. sonja

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    i have to check everything for banana, no allergy or anything like that, more of a phobia! it's surprising how much theyre in!
  3. six pints

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    what does mechanically seperated mean? or is this the kind of thing i dont want to know?

    and I live in catered hall, so on the rare occasions i ask what something is, the answer im usually given by the catering staff is "I'm not really sure. some kind of meat?". fills you with confidence...
  4. DaveR

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    You definitely don't want to know. It's pretty gruesome.

    Although living in a catered hall, you almost certainly get to eat lots of it!! (Unless your hall provides better food than mine did when I was at Uni!! :eek:)
  5. brassneck

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    I found out that ...
  6. nook1938

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    I forgot to add, there is another phrase used and that is Mechanically Recovered. Yes, whatever phrase is used the both of them are a licence to add every bit of the chicken or whatever is the main ingredient to the recipe, without a person getting their hands dirty.

    I like that explanation DaveR, "its pretty gruesome"

    A I said, I have had work experience of seeing any meat cut off the birds then the carcass crushed up, but if you like chicken.
  7. NeilW

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    I have to check for cheese, beans/pulses, chilli and other strong spices.

    My wife gets migraine 2 days after eating cheese, is sick after beans (lectin allergy) and stomach pains after eating chilli and spices.

    I just don't like fish, but the other 2 sometimes eat it when I'm out....

    Question for the assembled multitude: which sort of crisp usually isn't vegetarian friendly :eek: ?

  8. Anno Draconis

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    That would be Cheese and Onion, which use animal rennet in the flavouring, I think, whereas flavours like beef and prawn cocktail use chemical flavourings and have never been near a cow or the sea respectively.
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  9. michellegarbutt

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    I go to the local butchers and for around £1.50 I buy a pound of steak mince. I bung it in the slow cooker with some onions and gravy and my spuds (plus other veg like peas and carrots or whatever I fancy). This gives me between 4-6 meals. I portion it into containers and freeze it. The night before I need it I take 1 out of the freezer to defrost so it's ready to take to work the next day and be reheated in the microwave. I can also buy a pound of minted lamb for £1, 2 chicken breasts for £1.60 and 1lb stewing steak for £2.

    At the risk of sounding a bit like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
    I can't buy ready meals that cheap and as I have one of the old fashioned butchers who cuts and prepares everything in front of me I know exactly what I'm getting.Plus it tastes better and I get bigger portions.
  10. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Go Michelle! And at most good butchers the meat is mostly locally sourced too, so it hasn't travelled across the world to get to your plate. I bought some lovely organic meat from Tesco the other day, only to find it had come from Argentina. Why the **** do I want to eat beef from Argentina? I live almost next door to a field of cows! Load of old tripe I say....
  11. DaveR

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    That's something else you can get from a butcher but not from Tesco!! Although I'm not sure why anybody would want to....
  12. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    I looked at some once. Bleurgh! My Granny used to rave about it. T'was the height of her culinary aspirations, was a plate of tripe and onions...
  13. David Mann

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    I used to wonder what the meat was in meat pies. When we had the foot and mouth outbreak the makers were very quick to say there was no beef in there, just mutton. Still like 'em though (drool).
  14. nook1938

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    This is a quote from a critic who writes about Films in the Mirror, the Film is the Fast Food Nation and is taken from a book, this is the quote: Six years ago, a book came out revealing exactly what went into your average fast-food burger, I can't repeat one particular ingredient in a family newspaper, but lets just say you wouldn't want to step in it. end of quote. At the end of his write up he owns up to the ingredient quote: oh, go then, I'll say it there's s### in the meat.

    The film as some big name star's and it explores the health, social and environmental consequences of tucking into a burger. Happy eating.
  15. Leyfy

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    EWWWWWW!!! was veggie for a long time, think i'm going back to it after reading all this!
  16. sparkling_quavers

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    I do not buy processed stuff at all. If you stock your cuboards up with the basics and buy fresh food it is not more expensive. I find it annoying when the excuse is made that it is 'too expensive' to eat healthly food and that is why so many kids have bad diets. If you buy 1 chicken and basic veg you could make 3 meals and serve 3/4 people for about a fiver. I regularly do this and make chicken stir-fry, a stew and some risotto with the stock. You couldn't buy instant meals for that.

    If I cook it myself I know what has gone into it. It is not the offal that bothers me. It is the additivies, colourings, added salt and sugar.
  17. Nanny Ogg

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    Remember folks if crisps are flavoured then the flavour is made up from the source product. If they are flavour then the flavour is artifically created.

    I have to avoid mushrooms because I get very bad stomach cramps and other displeasing tummy things.

    A bit of a pain being veggie.

    Word of warning for people who have the have problems with mushrooms, Quorn is mushroom derived
  18. nook1938

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    This is not ingredients as such, but as anyone noticed the Ham and Beef on the cold meat counter, in Supermarkets, how all the Hams and sides of Beef are all the same shape, like they had been in a mold. Like all the ingredients are squashed together and come tasting what it is, processed "meats" saying that, plenty of people buy it.
  19. leisa

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    left-over alcohol and lotsa food! Mind if i come and live with you SQ? :p
  20. nook1938

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    Any Veggies like their Choc treats such as Mars, Milky Way, Bounty, Snickers, Maltesers and Twix, it as been announced that the makers are adding to their recipe, whey a by-product of cheese making called Rennet, the paper quotes "rennet as a chemical from calves stomachs" but the dictionary lists it as: the prepared inner membrane of the calves stomach, when it is in the calve it coagulates the milk.

    The Vegetarion Society condemned the change, there is, I believe a Web Site to vote against the change. What next?