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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ian perks, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. ian perks

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    I am going to National Final in a couple of weeks time i have tickets.
    But can anyone tell me what time the Hall for the Trade Stands will be open from or does anyone have a contact of who to get in touch with about the above please.
    Many Thanks
  2. Chris Hicks

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    Is it not normally 9 o'clock??? May be wrong but 9 seems to spring to mind.
  3. Bass Man

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    I agree, I think it is 9 o'clock
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    The Association of Band Traders (ABT) normally hold a trade exhibition in the Imperial College Students Union building.
    This building is not available this year due to some major building work going in.
    (I would have thought this would have been programmed to finish before the students went back to college but that must be another story.)

    Jon Handley (Secretary of the ABT) informed me last week that this exhibition will now be hosted inside the Royal Albert Hall itself. My understanding is that he is visiting the hall today to find out what space is being allocated for the ABT exhibition so we should have some more news later this week.
    With the ABT exhibition now being hosted inside the hall, I would think access is not possible before the 'doors open' time already printed on your ticket.

    World of Brass will be in the glass foyer at door 6 as usual but please don't bang on the glass demanding that we open the doors as that is down to the Royal Albert Hall people!
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    The Brass Herald reports that Besson will be in the Elgar Room (Circle level) from 9.15am displaying the new Sovereign cornet, tenor horn, baritone and euphonium and the new Prestige cornet. No mention of the Prestige euphonium even though there is a picture of Steven Mead testing one.

    I will post details of the ABT exhibition tomorrow.
  6. SMead

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    There will indeed be the new Prestige euphonium on show, and it is wonderful. But, please dont take my word for it...go look at it, and play it yourself, looking forward to seeing everything there on the big day.
    Steven Mead
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    The Association of Band Traders (ABT) exhibition will this year be held in the West Arena Foyer of The Royal Albert Hall.

    The exhibition will be open from 9.45am to 4pm.

    Traders in this exhibition are as follows;
    Kirklees Music
    World of Brass
    Trevada Music
    Just Brass
    Michael Rath
    R & J Handley / Tor Designs
    Studio Music
    Broadland Music
    Fred Rhodes
    The Valve