Information on 'Carl Hohne' Needed!! Please Help Me!!!

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    Hi all, I am performing Carl Hohne's Slavische Fantasie for a recital soon and require information on him so that I can write programme notes. It is for an Army exam that I am taking. I have tried googling him and looking through all of my music encyclopedias but there is very little info about him. Does anybody have a source of info or any info that they would be willing to let me have please? Thanks Adam
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    Hi, I think it's the grove/ oxford music online is very good. Need a log in though. You can get hard copies too though :)
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    Carl Hohne (1871 - 1934[?]) was a 19th century romantic composer. His best known piece is Slavische Fantasie which he wrote for cornet virtuoso Franz Werner in 1899.

    That is the sum total of information about him in John Maines Comperes Notes book. He appears to have been a one hit wonder.
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    Hi, Thanks for your replies. I was thinking the same, that he appears to be a one hit wonder. Looks like I'll just have to write more on the piece. Thanks Adam