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  1. Andy

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    For my A-level music recital I need to prepare program notes on all my pieces. The only problem with this is that the four composers and pieces I need information on do not have much available info. If any one has any information on these four pieces and composers I would appreciate it

    Philip Wilby - Euphonium Concerto, Part 2, second movement
    Goff Richards - Midnight Euphonium
    Ernest Young - Euphonium Sonata
    J.B. Senaillie - Introduction and Allegro Spiritoso
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Hi Andy - welcome to

    I'm sure you'll get several replies to this fairly soon - notably off our resident musical information guru Mr Roger Thorne... :wink:

  3. Highams

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    Hi Andy,

    Re Intro & Allegro Spiritoso, it is one of 50 Violin sonatas by Jean Baptiste Senaille (Paris, 1687-1730) himself a violinist and pupil of Vitali.

    He also played in the orchestra of Louis XV.

    It was first transcribed onto bassoon and recorded on 78 rpm by the great Manchester expononent Archie Camden.

    There are transcriptions for almost all wind instruments available.

    Good luck,
  4. Matthew

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    Dr Philip Wilby, I hear is an absolute gentleman, he has just taken up the baton with Elland Silver Band as their new conductor, their website is at:

    Why not contact one of the band officials through the website and ask for some personal info from Mr Wilby himself? Definitely worth a try and I think you may well get what you need :) What better way too, to get a personal comment for your A-Level preparation!

    Isn't the J.B. Senaillie Piece a Cello arrangement if memory serves me right? I seem to recall playing the bass clef version for Grade 7 Tuba :)

    Also, I think Highams (his excellent pages at: will be sure to have some further info.

  5. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    LOL! I was almost correct then, I was just writing that you would be sure to have some info, as you posted that :)

    PS: I had pleasure in proving someone wrong the other day by showing them the John Inman Tuba Ad photo on your website last week (they were convinced John Inman would *never* have done such a thing!) ;)
  6. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Andy: hope you can make use of the following . . .

    Philip Wilby
    Born in Pontefract in 1949, Philip Wilby was educated at Leeds Grammar School and Keble College, Oxford. Wilby attributes the awakening of his interest in composition to Herbert Howells, whose extra-curricular composition classes he attended while a violinist in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. A serious commitment to composition developed during the years at Oxford and, having gained his B Mus in composition in 1971, Wilby continued to write music even while working as a professional violinist (first at Covent Garden and later with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra). He returned to Yorkshire in 1972 and is Principal Lecturer in Composition at the University of Leeds.
    In recent years, Wilby has established a very significant reputation inthe field of brass band and wind band music. His first commission for brass band - The New Jerusalem (1990) for the National Youth Brass Band - was an instant success and led to further commissions: Paganini Variations (a BBC commission in 1991 for the Grimethorpe Band); Flight for solo flugelhorn and band (Grimethorpe, 1991); Revelation (1995, for the British
    Open Championships). Much of Wilby's recent wind band music has been commissioned by the Fresno campus of the University of California, where he has had a regular residency since 1985.
    Wilby has also given much time to writing for liturgical purposes and works include St Paul's Service (1988) commissioned by St Paul's Cathedral for John Scott and the Choir of St Paul's Cathedral, and The Trinity Service (1992) commissioned by Norwich Cathedral for the 1992 Norwich Festival of Contemporary Church Music.
    Other recent projects include a commission (The Cry of Iona) for BBC2's 1992 series of music videos for Advent; and, in 1993, the second symphony Voyaging, commissioned and premiered by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra; Partita, commissioned by Fine Arts Brass Ensemble and premiered at the Harrogate International Festival; An Imagined Fable commissioned by the Athelas Ensemble and premiered at the Danish Radio Concert House; and a Percussion Concerto commissioned by the English Northern Philharmonia and Yorkshire Youth and Music, premiered in Leeds, performed by Chris Bradley
    and the English Northern Philharmonia conducted by John Price-Jones. In January 1995 Philip Wilby was a featured composer in the PLG Young Artists New Year Series, London.
    In addition to concert music, Philip Wilby has written educational works and incidental music for television. The academic environment at Leeds has also fostered a number of scholarly interests which have led to a remarkable series of reconstructions of Mozart fragments. In 1985 these were the subject of a Yorkshire television documentary featuring the Amadeus String Quartet, and in 1990 they were recorded by the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields for the complete Philips Mozart Edition.

    Goff Richards
    Goff Richards was born in Cornwall. After studying at the Royal College of Music and Reading University. he embarked on a career that sees him firmly established as a composer. arranger and conductor.
    His brass band works in particular have earned him an international reputation, and there will be few brass band concerts that do not feature something of his.
    Between 1976-1989 he lectured in arranging at Salford College of Technology (now University College, Salford). He also directed the College Jazz Orchestra, and was later granted an Honorary GDBM and the title Director Big Band Laureate. He has composed and arranged works for a wide variety of international artists and ensembles, including the King's Singers, Evelyn Glennie, Phillip McCann, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Radio Orchestra, the BBC Northern Radio Orchestra, the Huddersfield Choral Society, Benjamin Luxon and leading brass and military bands.
    In the field of light and popular music Goff Richards has contributed regularly to BBC Radio Two programmes, conducting the Goff Richards Orchestra, Burnished Brass, Bavarian Brass. Fifty/Fifty, Percussion Plus and the Arcadian Ensemble. He also writes extensively for TV.
    As an adjudicator he is widely travelled, and in recent years he has judged the European Brass Band Championships, the National Championships of New Zealand and Ireland, the British Brass Band Areas and Finals, 'Brass in Concert', the Swiss Entertainment Contest, Siddis Brass, Norway and various radio and television contests.
    For his services to Cornish music, Goff Richards was honoured by being made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd in 1976.
    He recently completed three years' service on the Central Music Advisory Committee of the BBC. His work in the educational field is diverse, and has recently included workshops at the Brass Band Summer School, Oxford, the Daily Telegraph 'Young Jazz' Festivals and for the South West Brass Band Association, of which he is President.

    J.B. Senaillé
    Jean Baptiste Senaillé was a French violinist and composer, pupil of Vitali in Italy; member of the orchestra at the French court. Wrote many sonatas for violin - from one of which comes an "Allegro spiritoso" now heard in various arrangements.
    Following in his father's "footsteps" as a member of the Twenty Four Violons du Roi, Senaille was appointed in 1713 taking a short break to travel to Italy and rejoining the "Violins of the King" in 1720. His major contribution to music, other than his violin playing, was his composition of approximately fifty violin sonatas. The sonatas in and of themselves are important because Senaille was the first to combine aspects of the French style with aspects of the Italian conventions. The sonatas contain the elegant melodies, violin virtuosity and enigmatic dance rhythms of the French and imitation and melodic thoroughbass of the Italian manner.
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    Thanx ROger - overstepping the mark yet again! :p:p:p:p:p:p:D:D:D:D
  8. Matthew

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    Roger, wow! You're a walking encylopedia! :p Nice one!
  9. Andy

    Andy New Member

    Thanks to everyone for the information its coming in very useful. All that remains is to find some on the Ernest Young Euphonium Sonata. Thanks Again :D
  10. picju96

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    That's so freaky, I was just about to post a new topic on this exact topic when I thought I'd read the new posts. Hmmm my program is slightly different, here it is, hope you can help.

    Trumpet Concerto in D - Laue
    Reflections - Reginald Heath
    Trumpet Concerto in Eb - Hayden - 3rd mov.
    Oxford Circus - Malcolm Bennet
    Le Petit Negre - Debussy

  11. Andy

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    I have another favour to ask. One of my friends is playing Czardas by V.Monti and is having trouble finding information on the composer. If anyone knows anything it would be helpful.
  12. Mrs Fruity

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    Is this the Ernest Young who teaches music in South Tyneside?[/quote]

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