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    For our upcoming nationals (Belgium), there are 2 Brittish adjudicators appointed.
    I found info about John Berryman, but almost nothing of Malcolm Brownbill.
    If somebody has some info, I'll be happy to copy/paste it.
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    I have no information on Malcolm Brownbill's background . . .

    However I have been adjuicated by him on numerous occasions, and in my honest opinion he really is one of the very best adjudicators going. In all the adjudications we have had from him his views have been honest and constructive. It seems to me that he appriciates a good musical performance, and recognises the effort that bandsmen put in to try and achive this.

    NB in our last contest he put us 6/10 and his remarks were spot on. Even though he accused me of playing too loud for MP!! (I thought it meant Mighty Powerful! - I am a trombone player . . .)
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    Try the above link to one of the articles by 4bars for the Pontins Championship 2003.

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