Inferiority Complex Perhaps?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by lynchie, Jun 20, 2005.

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    haha some people just can't take a joke!
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Hmmm... I side very much with Mr Cruise here though. There are people who deserve having this type of practical joke being played on them more than others, and in my opinion Tom Cruise isn't one of them. He doesn't have his head stuffed up his backside, and isn't pretentious or full of his own importance. He is also known to always spend significant time at these promotional events and premiƩres meeting people in the crowd. Why did he deserve this?

    Sure, by all means play jokes or pranks on certain people for the camera, but come on... pick celebs that are so full of their own importance so we can all laff at their expense. I can think of many more deserving of this than TC...
  4. PeterBale

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    I think you've also got to be wary in these days when celebrities have been the subject of very real and sometimes vicious attacks. they are bound to be very sensitive, and there was probably a moment there when he didn't know if it was a prank or a real assault.
  5. lynchie

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    I think 2 seconds afterward he knew it wasn't an assault... it was a splash of water! Maybe he spends a lot of time with the crowd, but if he thinks he's above a joke then I'll lose respect for him.
  6. drummergurl

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    i laughed at that! if you're gunna pick on a celeb to do a practical joke on, pick someone who will see the funny side! i noticed they did sharon osbourne and she retaliated by finding a bucket of water and chasing them! she's the sorta celeb you know will see the funny side!! tom cruise, he obviously didnt see the funny side. (boring so and so)
  7. groovy

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    I think he had a right to be annoyed but he did overreact to it, even when it was clearly a prank. I heard a quote this morning on Radio 1, something along the lives "these disgusting people should not be allowed". OK, so he maybe didn't find it funny, but it was meant in good humour and was not overly malicious, IMO.
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    I understand this entire thread, but not the title. Lynchie...could you enlighten me?
  9. HBB

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    Inferiority Complex: [size=-1]a sense of personal inferiority arising from conflict between the desire to be noticed and the fear of being humiliated[/size]
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    Thank you Pscho-Socio boy!! but why would TC have the desire to be noticed, when he is already well noticed? (I still doubt he has a fear to be humiliated, but am willing to conceded on that bit for arguments sake)
  11. FlugelD

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    Just for a moment, let's turn this around, and forget the actual celeb being targeted. Let's think about why - a TV 'prankster' series.

    Let us recall, for example, Noel Edmunds' 'Gotchas', which either led a number of celebrities along a path from 'odd' request to downright daft (to see how far they'd go), or set them up in 'odd' situations (interviewers getting their names and/or reason to be famous totally wrong). Most of these were genuinely funny, no-one was hurt or humiliated.

    Twenty years later, 'Let's play tricks on celebs for a TV series - I know, we can squirt water out of a false mike...'. I'd like to see them try that with, e.g. Russell Crowe (allegedly short-tempered), the Gallagher (Oasis) brothers, Ozzie (rather than Sharon) Osbourne .....

    Point 1 - you want to play jokes, know your target
    Point 2 - subtle is funny. 'Assault' might be...
    Point 3 - If Tom Cruise had decked the guy, the idiot interviewer would have deserved it - but Cruise is the one who'd be open to assault charges
    Point 4 - TV has, in many respects, regressed to an infantile level