Indian Euphonium?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JDK, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. JDK

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    While web surfing looking for a cheap Euphonium I ran across an instrument made in India by a company called Raison. They apparently have some history with the British presence in that country. Does anyone know anything about them and the quality of their instruments?

    Thanks, JDK
  2. jingleram

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    Have looked over their site, especially euphoniums, for myself, would say that they're probabaly cheaply made, with the quality matching the price. I wouldn't advise going their for a decent instrument. I may be wrong, anyone out their bought one or have any experience of the company?
  3. brassneck

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    Apparently the cases are as big as tuba ones, made out of wood, and built as such to protect the instrument from flight damage!
  4. JDK

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    Thanks for the input. I didn't expect much but had hoped it would turn out to be a hidden gem, or at least a precious stone... labor is cheap in India and that certainly has to be a large portion of an instrument's expense. I dont need a great instrument but do want a decent one. I'm primarily a trombone player but want a Euphonium for Church and holiday music.

    Thanks, Joe
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    "Student & Intermediate grade instrument"
    -plus, it might just be the photo, but it looks a funny shape, a bit wider than the norm?
    i wouldn't trust it *looks askance*
    but any euph is better than none ^_^
  8. Steve

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    if you are after something like this then try pm'ing shawneuph as he has a great knowledge of these far eastern instruments. He is importing (and playing on) euphoniums from China I believe, if its good enough for top section euph playing it cant be half bad
  9. tootnbuzz

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    I am more concerned about the what the valves are made of than the shape. I have too many students who own trumpets/cornets made in China and the valves are terrible. Buyer beware!!! Also, repairmen will not touch these instruments because they have trouble getting parts and the materials are substandard. Go with a brand you trust.
  10. Mister 4x4

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    I just recently purchased a Selman 4-valve Euphonium from an eBay Music Store for $329 USD, and I can honestly say: save your money for a nicer horn if you're serious about playing. The horn is very cheap. The valve bores are slightly out of round, the valves are cheap and scored easily from the burrs still in the valve bores where the tubes enter the valves (because they're soft-metal), and the mechanical parts are very flimsy. The valve springs are cheap and thin, the felt pads look like someone cut them out with scissors, and the water key corks are not even cork at all - nor were they lined up in the keepers. The case is huge, wooden, no compartments inside, and the 'pleather' covering is not fitted or even attached well.

    Amazingly enough - the horn is gorgeous nickel=plated and sounds great, when the valves aren't sticking on the way back up, that is.

    I polished the valves with my Dremel and aluminum wheel polish to smooth them out - and discovered where the burrs are. Now I'm going to ream the bores with some 2000 grit emery cloth wrapped around a dowel, then install all new valve springs, felt pads, and water key corks.

    $329 horn, $30 replacement parts, a few hours polishing the valves, and hopefully it'll be a good deal afterwards. If you're someone who's not afraid to put a little work into it, it wouldn't be a bad deal... sad that I had to find out the hard way what exactly the difference between a good horn and a cheap copy is.

    Just goes to show that even a shiny, pretty turd, is still a turd underneath.
  11. Mister 4x4

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    Whoops - I forgot to post a pic and a link to one of their sales for the 'buyer beware' portion of my message.

    Here's the horn - like I say, very snappy looking instrument. Although, that's not the horn's case underneath.

    Here's the seller's eBay store:
    And here's the eBay item I purchased:

    They have other instruments out there, and they do tons of business as well. I can't complain about their business, they were prompt in sending the horn once payment was received (via Pay-Pal) and everything they shipped was packed well with no damage to the items (I bought a horn stand too).

    My biggest complaint is at what their ad says. Granted, I should've done my research (although there's nothing online about 'Selman' horns - except me mentioning it on my own website - now), but their claims are quite out there. I love this, "This is not a cheap imitation of the Selman." Of course not - it's a genuine Selman, which is a cheap imitation of a Selmer-Conn.

    Again, after some major work on the valves, it's not a bad deal. I finished polishing the bores and the valves yesterday while watching the NASCAR race, and it's much better now. And I suspect the valve action will only improve with use. But meanwhile, I've borrowed one of the college's rental horns (Yamaha YEP-321) for use until I get the bugs worked out of El Cheapo.