Incredible new 4-valve BBb tuba smaller than a euphonium!

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    Wessex Tubas are delighted to release the exciting new Wessex 'Mighty Midget' BBb travel tuba which is styled after the tornister tuba (which means back-pack tuba) as used by the Austo-Hungarian Military Bands in the late 19th century/early 20th century - but the 'Mighty Midget' is improved with 4 valves which were not fitted over a century ago.

    The original purpose of this type of tuba was to make a portable tuba for military bands in the days before motorised transport, and as such although so small it is designed to play like a true tuba and is suitable to play as bass with a brass band. This we have trialled ourselves and found to be the case with good feedback.

    In the modern age this small tuba has many uses such as;

    • Travel Tuba (small enough in gig bag to fly as cabin luggage)
    • Practice tuba, particularly for those that live in apartment with limited space
    • Lightweight tuba for standing, or marching gigs
    • Children's tuba, being of a size they can manage
    • Tuba for anyone who has health issues handling full size tuba
    • Easy to transport on public transport, or even on back travelling by bicycle
    • Small ensemble playing where full size tuba may too dominate musical texture
    • The ideal present for the tuba player that has everything!

    Lacquer £1,600, or silver-plated £1,800 with 10% discount on pre-orders before end September 2013

    Full details on website at

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