Increase your lung capacity, improve your playing! - Ultrabreathe

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    Increase your lung capacity, improve your playing! - Ultrabreathe

    ü Improve your ability to take more air onboard
    ü Improve your ability to maximise the air available in your lungs
    ü Improve your endurance

    The Ultrabreathe product is targeted at athletes and people with breathing difficulties and is designed to improve your ability to take on board more oxygen, make the most efficient use of it and ultimately increase your lung capacity.

    Taking and applying these concepts, the product works equally as well in improving a musicians (woodwind or brass) ability to take in more air, utilise the full capacity of your lungs and improve endurance. Ultimately reducing the pressure on the face and lips.

    It’s based on resistance, and if used everyday for 5-minutes can boost your lung capacity and endurance – particularly useful for brass and woodwind players!

    The product is price at £16 (this is below the RRP), plus £2 p+p (pick-up can be arranged). To order send an email to the address below with your name, address and contact details.

    For further information please speak to Antony Szafranek on 07762075703, email: or PM.
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    What does this thing look like and how does it differ from this product (apart from price obviously)
  3. a_szafranek

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    I have a picture I can send to you, but it seems to work on the same principle - air and the level of resistance. They are targetted towards endurance athletes, but are equally as useful for brass and woodwind players!
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    Or buy it on Ebay for £9.99!!

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    I tried one of these a few years back, based on Mr Meads website recommendation.

    As I recall they were originally designed to help Asthma sufferers..

    From my point of view they are OK, but didn't help me much..

    The main thing I found with it was, make sure you know how to breathe properly with an open throat otherwise you will just end up with a very sore throat and potential mild damage to your throat, and definitely follow a strict regime, don't overdo it, it is certainly not a miracle device.. The mouthpiece/gum shield design that comes with it goes some way towards this but not far enough (In my humble opinion)

    I tried mine for about 3 months using the recommended guidelines and suffered for it partly because I wasn't breathing properly (ie opening my throat up properly)..

    Might try it again now I know how to open up my throat correctly not that I always do even now (had a short masterclass a couple of years back from the Bass Trombone at a very famous orchestra who brought some domestic drain pipe down which we had to stick in between our teeth and breath through, interesting concept but it worked)..

    As I said it is not a miracle device that will sort you out.. it is just another tool that MAY help you IF you have grasped the basics! Try it if you can afford to possibly lose the money.. I am not knocking it (just it didn't work for me it may for you!) just giving a previous users view of the product..
  7. a_szafranek

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    Thanks for pointing that out Bb Bass! I think this is an unwanted gift so more of a one-off opportunity at that price...go for it though it's a good price.
  8. I have an Ultrabreathe, after seeing Steven Mead said it was worth using. Wow he must be good to have on side if you're a business! It really does make a difference, i found even after a day or two. Even if it doesn't necessarily improve lung capacity, doing 10 breaths in before playing through the ultrabreath really makes the air flow better and improves tone.
    This is speaking as a euphonium player i must add.
    This small device is worth getting!
  9. BbBill

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    Not so sure mate, as Ive seen about a half a dozen for sale at any one time on Ebay over the last year or so!!

    Was just pointing out to folk if they wanted a bargain. ;)

    Im sure theyre useful at doing what you say, but Im not needing one as my lungs get enough excerise between playing the BBb Bass and also when Im running after my cows in the field!!
  10. I wouldn't look at the price guys. It really does make a big difference, as a warm up aid and development of breath technique, it's worth every penny. It should last too, it's not going to be something you need to replace.

    I agree though, I haven't seen many on ebay. Plus, you wouldn't ever want a second hand one... :-s
  11. a_szafranek

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    Somebody better let Steven Mead know!

    To be honest, I only have about 20 of these things left, so want to get rid of them. Willing to sell at £13 (£2 p + p) for tMP users...
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  12. BbBill

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  13. Looks like a good little contraption. I THINK that's more for controlling the flow of air rather than INCREASING lung capacity though.

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