Inaugural Towcester Studio Band Slow Melody Contest

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    The Towcester Studio Brass Band invites you to the inaugural Slow Melody contest and curry night, to be held on Saturday 6th December starting at 4pm at Greens Norton Community Centre, near Towcester, Northamptonshire.

    The event is open to all brass band musicians, and also tuned percussion. There will be two sections, ages 14 and under on the day of the contest and "open". Entrants will perform a piece of slow music to an audience and adjudicator.

    There will be curry after the conclusion of the open section!

    To enter, fill in the attached form and return to Mark Waltho ( Entrance fee is £4.50 for adults and £3 for juniors. Curry after is a bargain £3.50!

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    Get those entry forms in soon, coming up to the closing date! It promises to be a great afternoon/evening, so hope to see you there.
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    Would have loved to be there and thanks for the invite. We were planning on coming (and playing) with a few other members from our band, but unfortunately we have something else on. My husband loved his time at TSB and would almost certainly still be there if it wasn't for me! Hope all goes well and that it's a huge success. G xx

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