Inappropriate Wedding Music

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by BrianT, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. BrianT

    BrianT Member

    I went to a wedding where "Yesterday" was performed at the reception afterwards. Ouch. We've had the thread with good wedding music. How about some suggestions for inappropriate wedding music. e.g. Love on the rocks, Solitaire, etc. You get the idea...
  2. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    How about the hymn, Fight the good fight?
  3. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    D.i.v.o.r.c.e !
  4. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    One of our bandsmen loved the hymn tune Repton so chose that hymn for his Wedding only to realise that the words are "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, Forgive our foolish ways.

    At another Wedding we formed a brass quintet for one of the band who had been going out with his wife to be for a very long time so our Bandmaster arranged the Salvation Army song/tune, "I'll not turn back".
  5. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    "She's having my baby" - Paul Anka

    "I'll find my way home" - Jon & Vangelis
  6. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Englebert Humperdink - "Please Release me..."
  7. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Oh the possibilities!
    "After the Love has gone" - Earth, Wind and Fire
    "Wasting your time" - Frank McComb
    "Blitz" - Bourgeouis
  8. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    Born Free
  9. Bungle

    Bungle Member

    White Wedding - Billy idol
    What becomes of the broken hearted
  10. annieds

    annieds Member

    There is a story - possibly apocryphal - about a couple who requested the music from 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves' to walk back up the aisle to after the ceremony. Unfortunately, either the organist genuinely didn't know the piece existed or he was really spiteful, because they took their first walk as man and wife to the tune of 'Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding Through the Glen'
  11. bassinthebathroom

    bassinthebathroom Active Member

    I was once asked to arrange a 5 minute through composed selection for a wedding containing; Eternal Flame (Cheesy, but, alright I'll let that one go), Angels (fair enough), Mad about the boy (again, fair enough).............. and the theme to Beauty and the Beast :confused: :confused: :confused:
    Needless to say the comissionee was from the bride's side of the family. Certain people on here will know the occasion in question! :p
  12. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    I know of someone who had 10CC's "I'm not in love".....
  13. Ruthless

    Ruthless Member

    Someone suggested "a friend" should have "Don't get around much any more":oops:
  14. Alisop

    Alisop Member

    Band of Gold - Freda Payne
  15. ekimmort

    ekimmort Member

    Softly As I Leave You
  16. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    March to the Scaffold - Berlioz. Kind of appropriate though ;)
  17. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    Love don't live here anymore
    Hymn to the Fallen
    Battleship Chains
    Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
  18. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    i know some one who requested to have the funeral march played along with last post. Fortunately his wife saw the funny side
  19. Scongie

    Scongie Member

    We got a bunch of us that do weddings every now and again for friends, most of what we play is pretty appropriate, plenty of love songs etc. but....

    Played Happy Day while the Bride and groom were signing the register a few weeks ago. took a while for the congregation to realise what was going on but I think we just about got away with it (it was the bride's request).

    My personal favourite is the look on the guests faces when we pipe up with the medal ceremony march from the end of star wars iv. Played it for my sister to walk down the aisle 2 years ago my mother has still not forgiven me.
  20. MickM

    MickM Member

    The Bartered Bride :eek:

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