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    I figured this wasnt a dep ad, as Im only here a few days... but here goes

    I know its very short notice, but I am in York until Friday afternoon, but wouldnt mind, if possible to sit in a practice if at all possible, playing or listening, as I have the Bb Cornet with me, so dont mind . So Thurs evening! I flew in for a course to York on Mon afternoon, I was supposed to be going down to Rothwell tonight to have a listen etc but I couldnt get away from the course in time tonight to get down with their principal, who I know from home, so I am quietly sobbing on TMP :oops:

    Im in a 2nd Section band in Northern Ireland (we dont have 1st section?! :eek:). Ive been looking for brass shops here in York, with a mind to buy a new Beryllium Shilke Sop but cant find anything! I thought this is supposed to be the hotbed of British Brass Banding! :biggrin: My mobile is 07715176630 so give me a text (dont phone as we have silly lectures)
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    Why don't you catch the early morning train up to Durham, or contact Shepherds, who'll be bringing a coach from York - you're welcome to play with Westoe Band at the Miners Gala. Meeting in the Market place at 9:00 to march away at 9:30. Down to the County where we're playing "That's a Plenty" - then on to the race course. Have a few beers and at 1:30 march up to the Cathedral with the new Westoe Lodge Banner to be blessed by the Bishop.

    see for a full list of bands playing at the Gala.
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    Hey, thanks for the offer, but already accepted an offer last night!

    Sounds like you have a cracking day lined up tomorrow!