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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Al, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Al

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    Why is the bar so good after contests (especially the Areas)?!

    I suppose there are obvious reasons such as the sudden release of all the tension that has built up exponentially over the months.

    Or because for once, all the band are together....and away from home.

    Or because we get to see friends we only see once a year.

    At my first contest, we were on quite early although by the time we had taken our instruments back to the hotel and got changed, the bar was quite full and there were no groups of seats available - so we all sat on the floor. Our territory marked, we stayed there, and apart from comfort breaks and getting the ale in, most of use were there for over 6 hours.

    Sat on the floor, drinking beer, talking sh*te too I suppose.

    .......and it was EXCELLENT!!

    Perhaps I go back every year hoping that feeling will be recreated, and although each year is always great fun it can never be as good as that first one.

    Maybe that was when I first got to see the REAL side of the band too.

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  2. Bryan_sop

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    You've obviously never been to stevenage/Norwich/Leicester (who ran out of beer this year) contests?

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