Improve your cornet playing... the fun way!

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    If you want to be a better cornet player, our new cornet method can show you how to be the next Maurice Murphy.

    It’s a refreshing approach to cornet practice - and you’ll be pleased to hear there’s not a technical exercise in sight.

    Instead, the Ultimate Cornet Method is packed full of well-known melodies, each of them designed to improve different aspects of your playing.

    Improve your playing
    So, to improve your staccato playing, you’d have a bash through 'Procession of the Nobles'. Or to work on your lip slurs, there’s 'Nimrod' or 'Zadok the Priest'. Nearly fifty playing techniques are covered in this way, with a helpful index to point you in the right direction.

    Celebrity praise
    This melodic approach to practice has already gained the Ultimate Cornet Method some high-profile fans: the cover boasts glowing testimonials from the likes of cornet maestro Alan Morrison, conductor Simon Dobson and BRIT Award winning trumpeter Alison Balsom.


    With its laid-back and enthusiastic approach to music making, the Ultimate Cornet Method is a welcome change from the rigours of the Arban, and is helping to put the fun back into cornet practice for a new generation of players.

    Free samples
    You’ll find free samples from the book at, and you can buy your copy by phoning Big Shiny Brass on 01297 489119.

    Come and see what the Ultimate Cornet Method can do for your playing!

  2. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    The Sunny Isle of Wight
    A great book - buy your copy NOW !!! (I have).
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