impossible trom request?!?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by trombelle, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. trombelle

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    just wondering if anyone knew of a trombone duet which feature troms of grade 7/8 ish standard but can have a 'comical' input of a grade one person?!?

    it's (hopefully) going to be a novelty feature at our college xmas concert with me and my mate playing the parts and our music tutor (who has been learning trombone this year and has just took her Grade 1).

    a possible idea was 'We three kings' with teach playing the 'Oh-oohh' (before 'star of wonder') in her characteristically raspy style ;) and us doing the rest super quick and with a mega rall. before her part. oh the humour....

    oh yeah...we've got two weeks to learn it :D
  2. groovy

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    I don't know of a duet I'm afraid, but a couple of suggestions for the "comedy".
    Anything which has a cheesy gliss/ low note (pref. pedal) can be made a feature for your tutor.
    Other than that, its all in the choreography! How about you and your mate play the duet, then near the end have your tutor run on looking dishevelled, put a sheet of music on the stand and then join in for the very last chord/bop of the piece. Just a suggestion (not a very good one!) but something basic like that can be made really funny and doesn't need anything specific in the music.
  3. a very flat b

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    Rimskij-Korsakov Flight of the Bumble Bee can be split and shortened with a brilllllll glisss for the third part.