Important Upgrade Work on tMP

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    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT]Important Upgrade Work on tMP

    Just to let everyone know that a few days ago vBulletin released an upgrade to their software that we will be applying to tMP sometime later today. Most of this work will take place in the background behind the scenes but thare are a few small ammendments to the code that necessitate closing tMP for roughly 15-30 minutes sometime later today.

    We are presently not too sure when this will be exactly, but if you see a message that "tMP is down for an upgrade and some small maintenance" etc.. then you will know what we are doing.

    Thanks for your support. We won't be offline long!!!!
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    That't is... we're all done. If you spot any isses please can you report them in the usual place. Thanks...:)