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    Have received an official errata from Kapital Promotions:

    1st Movement:

    4th bar of B - 1st Horn should have F naturals
    2nd bar of D - Eb Bass should be marked mp
    Bar 58- Euphonium should have a Bb on the first note of the second triplet as in Trombone 1.
    Bar 62 - Eb and Bb Bass should have a flat (b) on first note of triplet
    Bar 62 - Euphonium - Eb on 3rd triplet.
    Bar 82 - Bass Trombone should be a continued Db

    2nd Movement:

    Bar 21 - 3rd Cornet and Flugel should have Ab as first note.

    3rd Movement:

    Bar 73 (it's actually bar 71!!) - The glissando on the trombones finishes on the bar line in the score but extends into the next bar on the parts. Play as in the score.

    Bar 101 - The top Euphonium part should read F's rather than G's in the second half of the bar.

    Bruce Fraser - Lomond Music.
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