Imperial B & H Euphonium : Advice sought

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    Firstly thanks to John for sorting my account so I could get on here.

    I have a Boosey and Hawkes Silver Imperial Euphonium which is in great condition, I've owned it for around 15 years. It has a kosikup mouthpiece which when I've Google it appears to be the standard B & mouthpiece of the time.

    The serial number on the Euphonium is 495290

    As I haven't been playing it regularly with work and family commitments I've made the decision to try and sell it.

    The problem is, I don't know what to ask for it or where is the best place to sell it. I live in sunny Sunderland and I'm not aware of any shops that would look at it.

    Can anyone give me any advice?


    Will Hunter
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    Here's a pic

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    I'm not a Euphonium player but a Trombonist instead so, in the absense of another first response I'll make some suggestions.

    Thanks for the picture, it looks like a nice instrument and gives us chance to see that it's a three valve instrument. On the plus side that makes it lighter but on the down side many potential buyers will be put off because they want a fourth valve (even though they might never use it). Whatever, I think it would make a great instrument for some intermediate level player - I have a Imperial Trombone and it's not holding me back ....

    Price wise and market it's hard to tell. I suggest you try ebay soon but beware prices are seasonal and depend on what cash folk have got at the time of sale. January might be a bit dead and (for instruments) Whitson to September almost certainly.

    Of course what I'd really like you to do is play it again, even if that's as 2nd Baritione in a Concert Band. But I understand only too well how difficult it can be to manage work, home, children/family and music. Good luck whatever you do.
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    Very hard to put a price on that. It would, in my opinion, be something that a collector might like and therefore, depending on condition, might be willing to spend a significant amount on it. However, I don't think that anyone plays a 3 valve euphonium these days...even in junior bands. Imperial cornets have gone on eBay for as much as £300, which would suggest the Euph might be around the £7-900 mark. But that's guess work.
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    For a four valve you might be lucky and achieve those prices but for a three valve maybe less so? I tried looking at the actual sales places (completed listings) on ebay. Here's a link which I hope will work OK for you: . Remenber to offer to ship - bubble wrap everything. Put a lowish start price on it and be ready to pull it off and relist if you're late in the auction with only a couple of low bids.
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    That seems high to me. It looks in pleasingly good condition, but the lack of a 4th valve does limit its appeal severely. Plus, if it takes a Kosikup mouthpiece, then I imagine it will have an old-fashioned smaller shank, which pretty much nobody is keen on these days. I am also guessing - I would plump for something like £400. It's nice, but there's little market for it - not suitable as a modern instrument, and not old enough (early 70s) to be interestingly old. You can get 4-valve Imperials in okay condition for that price.
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    Good points, guys, and I think you're right about the value that players might put on it. Someone instated in collecting it, in order to complete their set, might be willing to push the price, but the condition would have to be mint and you'd have to be lucky to snare them on eBay.
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    I appreciate everyone's views and advice. It is in excellent condition for its age. I guess the eBay route as explained would probably be the best route.
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    Did a bit of internet research on this and it seems that 2nd Tenor and MoominDave are right. The best examples of 4-valve Imps can break the £1000 barrier. Good specimens are capable of hitting £7-800, with the more common war-horses that are showing their age but still fully functional going for £4-600. Given that the 4-valvers are seemingly so readily available, this probably does the deflate the price of the 3-valver, since why would a player go for it when they could have the superior 4-valve version? Unless your euph is particularly mint, including a mint case, then MoominDave's estimate is by far the most likely, unless you luck-out and find someone, as I said above, who is interested in completing a collection of the B&H Euph range and is on the lookout for a 3-valve variant.
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    When I was looking at the sale prices I wondered about comparing the prices of three valve Euphoniums, I didn't think to closely check what had compensating valves etc., but that should be considered along with age. I noticed a few Regents go for quite variable prices and in my mind the Imperial is a step up from one of them so pitch for a bit (£50 - 100?) more.

    The point about shank size is good and I had forgotten about it. Best to do a bit of research on that to see what's available (I think some stuff is) just in case someone asks, as a start on the European sized shank see: . The last page of this Bach Manual will be a help on other shank sizes: Bach Mpce Manual.pdf
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    It might be worth contacting Highams on here.not only is he probably the busiest euphonium soloist in the UK with an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage instruments, but he buys just about any old piece of tat he can lay his hands on as long as it's euphonium shaped and has a hole in it.