I'm Still About & Wanting....cornet/horn - south wales

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  1. Would you like a Cornet player? I need a band... (Wales)

    Hi all,
    Not sure what to put really....
    Cornet player: Playing since July 2005 in my bedroom, have played with one band as an 'extra' but enjoyed the experience greatly and would sincerely like to have a regular blow with a band, willing to let me in to do so.
    I'm not fantastic but I can hit the notes, I have a previous musical background and I'm willing to learn more.
    I'm self taught on Cornet so really in need of some friendly people to give me a helping hand.
    Live in the SE Wales, but can travel to Bristol Area, and towards Swansea way as well as up the Valleys.
    Send me an IM if you'd like to know a bit more about me.
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  2. nickjones

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    Most Bands in Wales could do with a player or two...a worrying amout of bands are withdrawing due to player shortages..
    BTM , Newbridge , Ebbw Vale , Cwmbran are all Gwent based bands. further afield there is Ammanford , and Radyr and Morganstown..or if you fancy a trip up North ( 4 hours) , Menai Bridge , Llandudno , and a few other bands could do with a friendly cornet player.
  3. I know of BTM but I'm not quite of their standard!
    Do you know who would be a good starter band and how generally do you go about asking to join?
  4. nickjones

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    Most bands would have a training band , an adults learner band or a youth band , try ( www.ibew.co.uk for listings of bands websites ) , I am sure most bands would not turn a player away , would be best trying Newbridge (Celelyn) , BTM , Ebbw Vale , Cwmbran , Severn Tunnel..Good Luck with your search.
  5. Deano

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    Ynyshir are looking for cornet players for after the area, we rehearse Monday's and Friday's. PM me and I'll give you some more details.
  6. caramelbunny

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    Am a south-east welsh girl myself but up north for uni....played in wales for several years though so know bands and have mates over in Bristol uni in bands that direction

    If you wana drop me a line maybe we can have a chat about what sort of standard band/distance to travel etc you are looking for and maybe I can help :)
  7. Thanks Nick, much appreciated!
    Deano & Carmelbunny (wicked name!!) I have sent you both PM's.
  8. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    We have a training band for both adults & children at Lydney, as well as the main band.

    Training band is 6:30pm on Monday, Senior band 7:30pm on Friday.

    Hope to hear from you

  9. Taffy Euph

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    If you fancy a trip over the bridge, there is always the (www.cobbb.co.uk), we have a strong training band, plus also in the process of setting up a City Academy Band for our strong training band to progress too.

    If we can help in anyway let us know..

    Dave 07767880387
  10. Thanks everyone, I think I have got round to replying to you all now as well as those who have sent me PM's.
    I'm still on the lookout however, for either a 2nd horn seat or a 3rd cornet seat , as I've said before I play both but have been told I am better at horn which has really confused the issue now as I started off asking for a cornet seat!

    So, I will re-phrase:
    Horn & Cornet Player loking for 2nd Horn(pref) OR 3rd Cornet seat in a lower section band
    24 years old, From Newport (South Wales), Car driver, willing to travel about an hour/ hour and a half.
    Commited & reliable & above all enthusiastic.

    PM me if you can help!

    Thanking you in advance
  11. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member


    3rd ornet if you like , we have too many horns...

    Dave Cobbb
  12. Thanks to all who responded to my last post about finding a contesting band. I had quite a few replies but because of locations being too far & bands being of a standard higher than my playing ability, I was unable to take them up.

    Just to recap:
    I play 2nd tenor horn in a non contesting band, I also play cornet and have played in a 3rd Cornet position.
    Looking ideally for a place on either instrument but pref horn in a lower section band based in or around the SE Wales area (Newport, Cardiff, Caerphilly, etc).
    Have my own horn but would need a cornet if I were to play that.
    I can't really travel over the bridge to England, as my petrol bill is sky high at the moment.
    If poss would like to join a band after the begining of May, due to uni holidays and work commitments.
    I do intend to play with my non contesting band, who reherse on a Tuesday.

    Would also consider playing for band on an as and when needed or deputy basis in order to get some experience in the contesting band arena.

  13. tam-tam2

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    Lower section bands that I can think of within reasonable distance of where you have specified are...
    Severn Tunnel
    I don't know if any of these bands are looking for players though. Good luck with the hunt.:tup
  14. TheMusicMan

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    What lower section band is NOT looking for players Tim...:)
  15. 007ish

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    You say that you live in Newport - Right on your doorstep:clap::D :tup , young, friendly enthusiastic 4th section Nationaly 3rd section localy, upwardly mobile:):clap: :) . Mondays and Thursdays 7.00 Best Bandroom in wales at the YMCA NEWPORT come along see what you think;)
  16. TheMusicMan

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    tMP lives in Newport too...;)