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    Hi Folks,

    I'm moving house at the end of the week and have decided to sell one of my trombones as I don't play it an can't afford to have it sitting around. I don't know how to put a link on this thread (maybe somebody could help me on this), but you'll find it on ebay. It's pretty easy to find, as it's the only Olds 'Opera' listed at the moment on either British or US ebay. It's an ultra-rare 1958 model in Gold Brass and is in very good playing condition. If anybody is interested, you can either ask me a question through this forum, or through ebay. It's quite a reluctant sale, so it would be lovely to sell it to a fellow bander, then I might see the old girl at a contest!

    By the way, my avatar is a picture of the bell engraving.

    Edit : See e-bay article here.

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    Explanatory PM on its way. ;)
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