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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by colourofspring, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Hi everyone.

    My name is Phil Ruston and, not only am I new to this forum, I am actually new to Brass music. I am here because, along with my partner, Frances, I have recently opened our new online Brass CD store - 'The Colour Of Spring - Brass' - and as we both come from more rock orientated backgrounds, our stock knowledge is limited. So here's where you guys come in. By being a member of tMP, I hope, from time to time, to be able to pick your brains to aid us in our new venture. As a thank you for this, I would like to offer an introductory 10% discount off any items from our store to ALL tMP members throughout March - simply enter TMP01 into the coupon at checkout.

    It was my father-in-law who suggested we should venture into selling brass music. He plays for the Peterlee GT Group Band and has a real passion for Brass. His attempts to convert me have included 'Voyage Of Discovery' and 'Blitz'. I did quite enjoy 'Blitz' because I found it quite progressive and not one of the more traditional brass band pieces that us novices may associate with Brass music.

    My only other brushing with the brass world was when I was back in music college in Barnsley. The principal was one Major Peter Parkes although, being a student from the popular music course, I was not aware of how prominent a figure he was in the brass world.

    Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you all at some point and please look out for a feature about our website in 'The British Bandsman' magazine sometime in March.
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    Welcome - and best of luck with it :D
  3. colourofspring

    colourofspring New Member

    A reply already - that's so kind. Many thanks. Will have a good look at your website. Best wishes - Phil
  4. colourofspring

    colourofspring New Member

    Just seen all the other newbie threads. Do I smell?
  5. WoodenFlugel

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    LOL! I'd hope not!

    I'd just like to extend an official "welcome" from the members of the tMP team - you've certainly come to the right place if you're after knowledge of things to do with brass bands. The depth of knowledge within our members is huge, and hugely impressive. I call it the "tMP font of all knowledge" and bow my head whenever I approach it for advice. ;)

    Seriously though, we're a pretty friendly and helpful bunch, feel free to ask questions, and have a good poke around the threads here - you'll find there is a lot to the wonderful, sometimes weird world that is brass bands.

    Good look with your venture - its always good to see more people getting involved in our movement.
  6. colourofspring

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    Thanks, Ian.

    Your support is very much appreciated. It is daunting enough joining a new group but even more so when everyone else are 'experts' and you are merely a newbie. I will keep reading the threads and contribute where I can. I'll also keep listening to more brass band music so to aid me in these contributions. We (myself and my partner, Frances) are also going to try and get out and see some live music - the whit weekend, Harrogate etc. So if you see us out there handing out flyers with the coloured spring on our t-shrits - please come and say hello.

    Thanks for acceptance to the tMP 'font of all knowledge': my head will be bowed whenever I approach!

    Chat soon - Phil
  7. WoodenFlugel

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    The Whits is a must - get yourselves stationed at one of the biggies (Delph or Dobcross) and just enjoy the day - oh and cheer for the tMP band when you see it :)

    It might also be worth catching you local "area", sorry, "regional" championships which are taking place over the next few weeks - see the threads in the sub category of the adjudicators comments for the when and wheres. Other good things to see are the RNCM festival of brass in Manchester, the British Open in Birmingham, the National Finals at the RAH, Brass in Concert at Gateshead or the Masters at Cambridge. Or for a really good weekend I'd strongly recommend the Pontin's (cold!) or Butlins (warmer!) championships in October and January respectively both really cut to the essence of brass banding at all levels.

    Oh, and for a guide on other pieces, have a look at this thread which was our 100 favourite test pieces survey.
  8. colourofspring

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    Thanks, Ian.

    Sorry for my belated reply. Only just notced the post. There seems to be quite a lot going on in the brass band calendar. We will try and get out to as much as we can. Will certainly look out for tMP band at the Whit weekend.

    Great stuff.
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    If his uncle is who I think he is, he'll be on Peterlee's bus tucking into the sandwiches.
  10. colourofspring

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    He's actually my father in law but, yes, that's him!