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    the knowledgable football fans amongst you would feel compelled to join me in offering congratulations in favour of Ruud van Nistlerooy. 30 European goals in just over 3 seasons as a Red. A remarkable feat, I'm sure you'll all agree, even if you despise United.

    The previous record of 28 goals, was held by Denis Law for 35 years.
    He said this of RvN: "There's no better player to break the record."

    Says it all really.
    Well done Ruud.
    Long may your goals bail us out of impending defeats.
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  2. Red Elvis

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    Much as it pains me to do so for a player in red , yes , that is a fantastic achievement.
    As for Denis Law , my favourite goal of his was the backheel in 74 he scored for city - with relegation for Utd following !

    Yorks / Lancs rivalry aside , with a finisher like Ruud in the team Man U will always be a potent force.
  3. 2nd man down

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    A truly monumental achievement in anyone's books...he deserves all the plaudits he gets.

    p.s. and where did that GREAT footballer "the God Dennis Law" begin hes career? I'll tell you shall I...yes, you guessed it...Huddersfield Town.

    We bought our first set of floodlights with the money we got for him!!