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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by philmac, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Hello everyone... First of all can I just say to all of the older bandsmen/women/persons.. that its nice to be back and I look forward to seeing all the old faces again and look forward to catching up on old times when I see you around..... For all you younger and newer players... My name is Phil McCann... (no...not THAT Phil McCann) and I have just come back to banding after a long break...I have joined Parr band as percussionist and Its feels great to back at my old stables..I learned to play at PARR when i was just 7 years old and I played for about 23 years on cornet then percussion and finally found my Niche as a Soprano player...Unfortunately I had some bridgework done on my teeth during the time I was out of banding ( I went off to be a drummer in a Glam 70's Glam Rock tribute band) and after the dental work I now find that I can't play a cornet.. Real bummer cos I LOVED being a Sop player and would do ANYTHING to be able to play it again....its the BEST instrument for me in ANY band and when you are a poser like me ...being a sop player really gives you the chance to shine!... ANYWAY ! I joined back PARR on Monday night as percussionist and now need to learn a contst piece for BUXTON my fave contest...... \nice to be back........ PHIL MCCANN xx
    By the way...My Glam rock band is STILL going so if you need a good band for your 50th party get in touch
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