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    Ifton colliery band are looking to recruit a Eb and Bb bass players to complete our line up ahead of the national finals in september.
    The band is currently graded in the 4th section but will be promoted to the 3rd section january 2015.
    We have had a great year so far winning the butlins 4th section title,coming 2nd at the midland areas,winning the buxton 4th section title, as well as a great night at the whit marchs picking up 4 highest placed fourth section band prizes.

    For more info contact myself Kris Davies by pm or call me on 07841597439
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    Sorry should of add we meet once a week on Monday nights from 8pm till 10pm at the st Martins village centre
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    Ifton Colliery have a vacancy for a solo cornet, the band have a busy end of year planned including the finals in September.

    Any one interested in joining please contact me (kris Davies) on 07841597439

    we we practice on Monday nights in St martins (SY113AY)
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    Ifton Colliery band has a vacancy for a baritone player anyone interested please contact me