If you havent played it, have you made it?There are some here that obviously thinkso

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What is the Highest level band you have been a member of. (Not MD. Not Dep work).

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  1. Championship Section

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  2. 1st Section

    29 vote(s)
  3. 2nd Section

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  4. 3rd Section

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  5. 4th Section

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  6. Non Contesting

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  1. JonP

    JonP Member

    This website is enjoyed by so many banders of varying abilities and experience and we all seem to enjoy a good debate on varying subjects.

    It seemsto me however though that there are many here who have no problem judging and making comments on subjects or bands that may be at a level they have never experienced or understand.

    In the end 40 years banding in the 3rd/2nd section = No Championship band experience.

    Much time posting seems to be spent explaining to those who dont understand the thinking of championship or top bands or those have a warped idea of what its really like at the toplevel. Similarly some forget what its like in the lower sections. (However very few start playing in a championship outfit so most have done some lower section work.)

    I would love to see a permanent addition to our profiles, viewable without hovering, just to let those know reading your thread the level of your banding experience.

    Would it be possible to have the section of banding written under our username e.g


    4th section

    It could be part of the registration, People could of course lie, but we would know instantly when they start posting.

    It may also make people think twice before commenting on something they have no idea about as we would all be able to see that.

    In the end if you have played 20 years at Black Dyke your comments have more weight (when discussing higher level banding) than if you have played at Newport Borough for 40 years.

    Its harsh but its fair.
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  2. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Yes, Jon, but that would automatically create a hierarchy within what is supposed to be a level playing field. Also, there are many on this site that have a vast amount of experience in all sorts of music making without necessarily venturing towards test-pieces with lots of black notes;)

    I hadn't played trombone with a Championship section band until I was over 30, now I'm glad I don't! Under your system, I would have to write non-contesting and endure my opinion being belittled.

    While I think your idea is a good one in theory, I don't think it would work. The present system is much more subtle and leaves us the opportunity to give more information about ourselves if we wish. Hover over mine and you'll see!
  3. JonP

    JonP Member

    With all due respect then Duncan, your banding experience would dictate that your opionion is worth less than some others on some subjects, but your pro experience would make your comments on other issues far more valid.

    Why is its a level playing field. I dont really think it shoud be. In fact its not because our hobby is graded by ability. Why should I be able to have my comments on say 4th section funding taken seriously when i have no experience. Similarly perhaps your opinion on how to create a winning nationals camapign would be less valid than mine simply because ive experienced it.

    I know the majority of people here are going to hate the idea, but actually if they thought about it does make some sence.

    If the majority of people viewing this site were championshiop section players this would be far more popular.

    p.s the black notes are my favorite bit. ;-)
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  4. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    Next thing will be exclusion from threads based on level of playing ability. In this country, everyone has a right to an opinion and to express it. Just because it doesn't agree with yours doesn't make it wrong.
  5. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    To be honest Jon, you're verging on saying "I'm better than you". And having given up on many of your recent threads you are a shinning example of Top Section playing not giving you top class opinions.

    I've played at the top level for a couple of spells. I've learnt more from being able to watch top level conductors, than anything else. I know plenty of top section section players, but many who's opinion I wouldn't give two cents for, but people who have banded in the lower sections for years, kept bands together, and had a stable team who enjoy being friends as well as banding colleages.
  6. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Why do you assume that really good players can only be found in Championship bands? Our hobby is playing music in a Brass Band, not just playing in competitions.
  7. JonP

    JonP Member

    Im not talking about what is right or wrong, its about suitability of comments based on relavent experience. Comments could always be made but we would know what your experience is when reading them.

    I would not mind being excluded from threads on which i have no experience. A meaningful discussion could be easily spoilt by someone with no clue on the subject.
  8. JonP

    JonP Member

    Not at all. Im just suggesting that our comments can be rated by our experience.
  9. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    You mean posts like this Jon...?

  10. JonP

    JonP Member

    Thats totally fair, but again im not talking about the ability of a player but their experience of banding. A great player in a 3rd section band still does not have championship experience. Just as a duff player who has managed a championship banding career will have. Its about experience not playing ability.
  11. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Our comments should be rated on the thought we put into them, Not how many rehearsals we want to spend playing test pieces in the last two weeks before a contest!

    Playing in a top section band does not relate to your authority to comment on ANY subject!
  12. JonP

    JonP Member

    Exactly. You know i have no experience, so my opinion im sure is not rated that importantly by you. And rightly so too. I am allowed to express it though, as i should be. (Or have you deleted it??) Its importance can be judged by the reader. In thais case it is not important at all, which is im sure how you have judged it.
  13. JonP

    JonP Member

    Totally disagree. Your experience dictates your authority to comment on cirtain subjects and how seriously they shoudl be taken.
  14. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Your experience Jon can be judged by the little box on the left hand side that says - Posts (265).
  15. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    But your poll doesn't ask how many years you've played at which level, all your interested in us have you made it to the top level? That undermines everyone who hasn't been registered at that level. . .

    I've playd at that level but i'v spent far more time at the lower levels, and got a great deal out of it!
  16. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    And by the Playing Experience. Ooops, there isn't any so obviously not qualified to comment on anything.
  17. The Wherryman

    The Wherryman Active Member

    An individual's ability to rationalise an argument does not entirely depend on his/her performance ability and/or experience in the subject of that argument. Intellect also plays a part and if a person has great musical ability and considerable experience but an under-developed intellect, should their opinion outweigh someone's whose musical ability/experience might be comparable, but whose intellect is superior?

    I judge posters by the quality of the posts, not by the posters' profile. The most accomplished and experienced player might still be a rubbish poster with ridiculous ideas (in my view).

    I try to view posts in a dispassionate way and enjoy banter, even if I disagree with the point of view. What turns me off totally is when a reasoned, even heated, debate degenerates into petty name-calling and sarcasm. UGH!
  18. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    But 'banding' isn't just the Championship section though is it. And people in other sections may have far more experience in running a band and all that it entails, than some prima donna that only sits in a championship seat.

    On another point, there are a lot of other topics discussed here, besides the band type ones. Do you have to be an expert in that particular field to post in them too?
  19. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    That would be waaaaay complicated i reckon. Firstly are you saying registered with or just been a member of? Alot of people i know have played with top bands for concerts and been a 'member' but havent done contests with said band. techinically they are still a playing member of the band.

    Alos what happens if you have played in a lower champ section band flitting between 1st sec and champ section.

    And if you have depped at higher level bands than you have actually been a member of surely you have still 'experienced' higher level banding?!

    It just seems a complicated way of doing things and isn't the hover thing on < that side a similar thing anyway?!

    Surely the person with alot of banding experience is one whose experienced banding across a wider level of sections and not just stayed in champ section bands. For example I would say Ploughboy has alot alot of experience as he has experienced banding in (every?!?!) section...
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2008
  20. ballyhorn

    ballyhorn Member

    Jesus...I've just realised about the playing experience thingy....I thought loads of people on here played for Hover!!!!!!!!!!!!.........Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....How dim is that?????....No wonder I'd never heard of them...:-?
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