If Tredegar don't manage top 4 at the nationals t was a fluke at the open!

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  1. baritastic

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    Some freinds and I arguing at the pub last night. I was saying I think it's great hat we now have two top bands in Wales. Apparently (according to my far more experienced collegue) if Tredegar don't manage a good placing today (he said top 4) then Tredegars win at the open was a fluke! In his opinion of course.

    Come on Tredegar, show us all that you deserved to be there at the top in Birmingham!
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  2. critic

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    I Dont agree, two different pieces of music entirely. Tredegar dont have to be in the top four today to justify winning the open. It another high class field again today and thedifference is very thin among the top bands so tredegar plus many others today will be in with a good chance of a high finish . Tredegar in the opinons of the judges deserved to win the open sowill he band chosen winners today. End of Story
  3. baritastic

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    I disagree. If what your saying was true and factual then we would never see the top quality bands consistently being in "the prizes".

    If Tredegar are deserved British open Champions the today (against a lesser field) they should still achieve a strong result even if that's not the winner.

    The piece os only one factor. The judges have to take into account more than just interpretation and a BO champion band should be on top of all the other elements, both personal and ensemble to ensure the adjudicators have to recognise quality overall.

    A clean intube performance from a quality outfit will always be up there.
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  4. baritastic

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    Come on Tred, show us your made of the right stuff!
  5. johnmartin

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    They did. They were judged to be better than all the other bands on the day.

    Tredegar have been on an upward swing for a number of months now and it was surely only a matter of time before they made their mark. The difficult part is staying there and that can only be judged over a number of years not a few contests.

    Good luck to my Celtic cousins Tredegar (though I secretly hope you finish below Co-op and Whitburn). :)
  6. Kjata

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    Errmm no!
    Tredegar deserved to win the Open and they did... enough said! The judges recognised 'quality' at the open, as i'm sure they will at the RAH.
    It's a different contest though, stop trying to put them together, different criteria, different mentalities, different setting.
  7. baritastic

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    Still 2 band contests. Bit like tennis on grass and clay. Best players are always still at the top of the pile!
  8. ilovespheres

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    To be honest I think we've got top 4 fantastic bands that could achieve great results in any of the major contests. Cory of course, Tredegar (with their performance at the British Open - they could beat any band today at the RAH! 4barsrest today has said up to now they've played in a different league), Tongwynlais another great band, came 2nd at the Grand Shield winning some very good bands and BTM another band that has made it's mark at major contest. Few other bands could make it too. How could he say that Tredegar's win at the British Open was a fluke - look at the fantastic wins they've had this year = Yeovil: Winners, Welsh Open: Winners, Regionals: Winners, Grand Shield: Winners, Masters: 2nd, National Eisteddfod of Wales: Winners, British Open: Winners
    Wychavon: Winners. They are in my opinion the strongest band on stage at the Royal Albert Hall today! C'mon Tredegar, Cory and Tongwynlais! :clap:
  9. Laserbeam bass

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    Shame the test piece is not called
    "Terra Austrollis"
  10. brassneck

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    4BR have found their first outstanding performance (so far) ... Cory!

  11. Jan H

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    Pete Samprass never got further than 1 semi-final at Roland Garros, and Roger Federer won his first Roland Garros title in 2009, his eleventh season as a professional tennis player.
    On the other hand, there are several former top players who won Roland Garros and have all been No. 1 on the ATP ranking, but who have never achieved anything at Wimbledon: Gustaveo Kuerten, Jevgueni Kafelnikov, Thomas Muester, ...

    So your point is invalid: If Tredegar doesn't end in the top 4 (or whatever), it would not necessary mean the Open result was a fluke :p
  12. baritastic

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    Absolutely not. Pete Sampras got to the last 4. Similar to out top 4. I'm not suggesting tred would have to win, what in dreading is a 14th or something that would detract from the open win and mean my argument in the pub last night is invalid!

    Pete Sampras was always there or there about.

    Sounds like tred have put a decent show in according to 4br.
  13. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Indeed, you already pointed out that it was "your friend" who said that ;)

    Any way, the year that Sampras reached the Roland Garros semi-finals, was when he didn't win Wimbledon (as he had done the three years before and as he would do the next four years...). Maybe he focuesed too much on gravel tennis that season, and therefore his grass skills were maybe a little less? I'm only speculating here. :)
  14. WoodenFlugel

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    What's the problem Barry? Did you go out and buy a Tredegar band jacket on the strength of their Open win?
  15. towse1972

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    Quality! Hahhahahahahaha....:clap:
  16. Laserbeam bass

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    Phew, glad somebody got the joke :biggrin:
  17. Kjata

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    Would this be more apt (and less subtle)!?
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  18. Laserbeam bass

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  19. surely Tredegar have done enough over the last few years and this year inparticular to prove there worth as one of the top names in banding? i know how hard Ian Porthouse and the band work to keep up this quality. Pesonally i say good luck to them and nothing would please me more to see them crowned national champions.
  20. Laserbeam bass

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    What amazes me about this whole topic is the "My friend said this........" and the fact the OP's only comment was "come on Tred" If I were raising this type of trhead for discussion I would at least give my opinion on where I stood, rather than offering a one sided theory that is in all probability a figment of an overactive imagination.

    So Mr Baritastic here is my challenge to you, should you choose to accept it.

    Once all the comments are up on 4br, give us your opinion on where Tred should finish. At least then we will see if you are actually interested in where a band you support finishes, and also see if your skills of prediction are as good as those of fellow countrymen on 4br.

    Personally I hope that Tred do well today, and the best performances on the day get rewarded. If Tred are among them, great, If not, it is nothing to be ashamed of. The rules of the competition are plain and simple. You qualify for the finals, you finish in a position, and your band is nth best band in the country.

    Of course this may not be perfectly true as there always great bands that do not qualify. However, if they are not there then is just bad luck.