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    I made a point of watching this when it was first broadcast, suspecting what may be in the programme.

    Fry seems to make a big thing of his Jewish ancestry, of Wagner's anti-Semitism, the association of his (Wagner's) music with the Nazi party, and Fry's 'guilt' at enjoying 'anti-Semitic' music.

    Personally, I felt:
    1: Fry has Jewish ancestry. So what?
    2: Wagner was anti-Semitic. For his class of society, in Germany, at that time, it was normal, even expected, to be anti-Semitic. Wagner's personal feelings mirrored the class/societal/national norm of his time. So what?
    3: The Nazis were 'Wagnerian' - a political party that rose to prominence after Wagner's death adopted his music as a cultural icon. They also used music by e.g.Liszt in their propaganda films. So what?
    4: If you like the music, Stephen, enjoy it. We're not expecting you to do a cover version of the Horst Wessel Lied....

    For all that, an interesting and enjoyable programme, well worth watching.
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    He's a ginger got no chance :biggrin:
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    Sorry Chris, but that was funny!

    Anyway - sounds like it's worth watching. Might well give it a go when they boyfriend isn't hanging around......:wink:
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    Think his current girlfriend might have a problem if he gets another one ...... :rolleyes:
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    She happens to be at a choral competition in Europe at the moment.
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    You are sure she said choral ?
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    yes dearest :)