Idle curiositry: Percussionists?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by GJG, May 1, 2015.

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    In the recent review of "The God Particle" (Europeans set test this weekend) on 4BR:

    ... About half-way down the page there is a photo of the Percussion Stage Setup diagram from the score. Towards the top-left of the picture there is something described as a "Frustra".

    Does anyone know what this means? (apart from it being Latin for "in vain", which might be saying something about all that percussion ... )
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    This page gives it as the Italian term for a slapstick or whip?
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    ****** Hell, Mr. Taylor: that's impressive, even by your standards ...
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    Well, that does make a difference; at least googling "frusta" will get one as far as "whip" ...
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    Cheers Gareth - all credit to Mr Google though for the page, and, as Philip points out, down to recalling that it's a common error to put an extra 'r' in there - so common that my maths teachers at school talked about the volume of a "conical frustrum" rather than the "conical frustum" it should have been...
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    Indeed these errant "R"'s, one even found its way into the title of this thread.
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